Faith has no limits…save your own heart


“In the spiritual life, movement has to be constant.  Either you move forward or you move backward.  If you try to remain motionless,  the ignorance of the world will pull you right back to your starting point.”-Sri Chinmoy




Yesterday, a student was delighted.   She had rejected the concept of “Faith” as a religious artifact.  Objected to the phrasing (“why can’t you say `confidence’ or something?”) because “faith” implied bowing to an old man on a throne, or something.


Well, that’s what’s in HER mind.  If she wants to change that to “confidence”, no one can stop her. Then she can tell be how that works for her, and I’ll pay attention.  Results, not reasoning.   Reasoning is symbolic. Results are real.   If she can’t roll with a word that means several things (including but not limited to the metaphysical or religious) HER mind is frozen in a particular position. She is in reaction to something: cultural?  Familial?  Someone rammed “God” down her throat when she was younger?  Secular humanist? Militant Atheist?  Simple Agnostic?  If you don’t have “heat” on it, you roll with it and see what value there might be there.


Clarity of goals (where do you want to be in three years?) , depth of faith (in yourself, your companions, OR a “higher power), constant action (what do you have to do TODAY to make it happen?) and the fullness of gratitude (the antidote for fear and resentment, things that slam on your brakes) all working together, is the closest thing to the miraculous I’ve ever encountered.


She told me that once she “got over” the idea of Faith connected specifically to religion, once she connected that faith to herself, her allies and mentors (aww shucks, ma’am) and the sense that the universe is an action-reaction machine, she was able to function better, with an immediate result of earning a two thousand dollar commission.


What do I think of that?  It is interesting. Fun.  Predictable.   This “formula” needs to be anchored in every day.  Preferably while MOVING with purpose.  What you will notice once you do are a whole buncha interesting phenomena…


  1. You are happier all day.  You have BEGUN the day with joy, rather than thinking you must “do” something to be happy.
  2. Everything you or anything else with a nervous system has ever done is to move away from pain and toward pleasure.   When you address this directly (with gratitude and positive motion) you are cutting out the middle-man.  People will claim you are selfish.  Often this is because they are limited by that perception.  Too often it is because they fear losing a way to manipulate you.
  3. You get more done, with less resistance. You start (and/or end) the day clarifying your long-term goals AND the short term actions that will lead to them. There are no more meaningless days or actions.  None.  It is all part of the same flow.  If you think there is anything you have to do in life that is “meaningless” you have not applied your imagination, or clarified your goals and values.  
  4. You begin to attract “luck”.  I cannot explain exactly how this works, but I can tell you what it FEELS like: it is as if the harder you work, the clearer you are, the more energy you invest in your dreams the more “gravity” you get, as if there is a thing called “intentional mass” which bends the time-space around you.  People will come to you with offers and options.  It is really strange how this happens, how when you bury yourself in living a balanced, dynamic life you not only accomplish what is right in front of you, but there are unplanned ancillary effects, as if passing meteors of “opportunity” that otherwise would have zipped right by get pulled into your “gravity well”.   


A potential downside, by the way: you have to be careful to prioritize.  You have to learn how to say “no” (which becomes easier when your values and goals are clear), and how to recognize which things on your list are “musts” and which are “optional actions if you have time and energy at the end of the day” type thingies.   


As I’ve said, this is mysterious, and may be just an artifact effect, just a matter of beginning to ignore the dips and downs and distractions, and notice the good things that are always there anyway, but unseen when in a “stress tunnel.”   I don’t know. What I DO know is that it happens.


Try it for 30 days and see.  Walk, stretch, dance for 10-20 minutes while speaking aloud your Goals, Faith, Actions, and Gratitude.  Connect with the childhood dreams and deathbed values.   TRY IT, and then share with us your issues or discoveries.   Prove that I’m wrong, or discover that this is real.


Its up to you.






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