O.K., I can stop reading STAR WARS reviews…

O.K.–I can now stop reading STAR WARS reviews. it’s officially more than good, 98% on RT (that’ll drop some) and I want no spoilers. One interesting thing, though: the question came up of whether it will be a Creed-killer (in terms of that Rocky sequel making it across the 100 million mark.) I figured that the increased movie traffic might help rather than hurt, as the demographics aren’t the same. But I’ve just read the second review that mentions the SIMILARITIES to “Creed” in the sense of deliberately evoked nostalgia, and following the basic beats of a classic story. You know…I can see how opening that doorway actually helps “Creed”, could give people a hunger for, and belief in, engrained emotional response. After sub-par Star Wars movies, a winner! Gee…maybe after sub-par “Rocky” sequels, there really is a chance…could you think that…could it be…
I can see how that could work. That it might rain a little soup for good nostalgia triggers. Here’s hoping Creed brought a big bowl!

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