Your Heart Is In Your Hands

One of the toughest things in life is to realize that you MUST be excited and committed in order to educe your best performance. But if you do that, you risk pain if things don’t work out right.  Ugh!

But if you let the pain trigger fear, and let that fear dissuade you from investing your emotions again, or as freely, you drastically reduce your chance of success.  Instead, you must learn to generate the most appropriate emotions again and again and again, while protecting yourself from the downside of depression, as many times as is necessary to succeed.   The “I.D.E.A.” concept (Instinctive Designation of Energy and Attention) touches on this.  Not so much emotion that  you will be devastated if failure results from your efforts, not so little that you don’t tap into your deeper reserves.


Here are some things that can help.

  1. Model success.  Find at least three people who have accomplished your chosen goal (or as close to it as possible) and study the “recipe” for their success, specifically three things: their emotions, their belief patterns, their use of their bodies.    What is their day-to-day emotional set?  How do they deal with failure and success?  What are their beliefs about it?    Average out their answers, see what they all say in common. That is your “critical path.”
  2. Set an arbitrary number of efforts to complete before you judge your results. 100 is a nice, round, useful number.   A salesman might commit to making presentations to 100 clients before expecting a sale.   A writer might set a goal of 100 stories completed and in submission 100 stories before you even question whether you have the potential to be a writer.   
  3. Develop your “morning ritual” to intensify and awaken your emotions every morning.  Specifically “faith” and “gratitude” which are the antidotes for fear and bitterness.   
  4. Don’t neglect “goals” (long term) and “actions” (short term).  When you know what your long-term goals are and why they are important, THAT’S ENERGY.  If you have faith you can and should accomplish them, THAT’S ENERGY.   If you know how your actions TODAY are taking you a step toward your destiny, THAT’S ENERGY.  And if you start your day with gratitude, your heart fills with love and light, and THAT friends, is ENERGY.


My favorite role models have the ability to raise their emotions whenever they want, by

  1. Changing focus
  2. Changing language
  3. Changing the way they use their bodies.

They are also simultaneously internally focused and service oriented.  In other words, they don’t need other people or things to perform, react, or evolve in a specific way.  THEY are responsible for their emotional well-being, because they know that those emotions are NOT controlled by external events, but by how they interpret those events.

And “service oriented” because once they have connected with their own Source, and can fill themselves with joy, the next, natural thing is for their sense of “Self” to expand.  In that expanded state they see the joys and concerns of their loved ones, families, neighbors, students and customers as their own.   They seek ways to make the world better, people happier, but they are not dependent upon the results.   Because they are already full, they can give without needing to take.

And they have enough self-love and self-respect to protect themselves from Predators and “takers”.   

Every day you have the chance to form yourself anew, clarify your goals and dreams, take actions, embrace your life, fill your heart with joy and share that joy with those you love…and the entire world.


The choice is yours.  What is YOUR Morning Ritual?  Remember–the quality of your life is the quality of your daily actions.    Your heart is in your hands.




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