Six Harsh Truths

I published this article, without realizing it was “hijacked” from   I apologize to the original author, and confess ignorance that this was even an issue.

To repeat, the values expressed in this article have to do with the material world, the “dream” world as it were.  But the safest path to personal growth is to master this world FIRST before moving onward to higher, deeper, more esoteric values.

About 90% of the personal problems faced by human beings are the result of

#1–not mastering the basics.

#2–not growing once those basics have been mastered.

So there are equal problems in trying to go directly for being spiritual and intellectual without mastering your basic sensory/rooting apparatus, or in mastering those basics and not going on to open your heart and expand your sense of self.   The safest path is probably to “root” first. The most fulfilling path may well be to open your heart first.  But the most dangerous path is to develop an intellectual or spiritual model of the world without the capacity to error-check.  That…is a road to savage cynicism, sociopathy and megalomania, as well as “All That Jazz” levels of self destructive behavior.

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