Let’s Make 2016 the best year ever!

I had a wonderful time in 2015.  More connection with friends and family, as if some invisible wound is healing in my life.    But I also saw more damage, people dealing with loss and separation, aging, financial strain.  And it made me want to empty myself out, share the things that have made the greatest difference him my life RAPIDLY, whether that is health, love, happiness, success, fitness, or whatever.  “What are you waiting for, Steve?  You can do MORE!”


Yes, I can.  And I will.


So I’m starting with the SECRET FORMULA and the MORNING RITUAL.  The combination is simple dynamite, and if you will practice them, you will make serious positive changes in your life, period.   I’ve worked with hundred and thousands of students and clients on these concepts. They dovetail beautifully, can be applied to anything you care to work on in life, and they cost nothing to implement.   I wish I could say: “practice them for 30 days, and if you don’t like the results, I’ll give you your time back.”  But I can’t.   All I can say is that if you will trust your heart, and extend just a little faith, you can discover for yourself if you should ever listen to me again. I’ll put 100% of my reputation on the line here.  Do it. Try it.   You have nothing to lose but your excuses.


I’ll be able to “cluster” other technologies: Lifewriting (application of the Hero’s Journey to life), I.D.E.A. (Instinctive Designation of Energy and Attention: using balance to calibrate instinct), Musashi’s Principles, Intermittent Fasting, The Ancient Child and more around these two.  And you can cluster any techniques or philosophies you treasure in your own life.  But let me start here, with these two, and see where we go.


I think many of you know the story of how the SECRET FORMULA was developed.  Basically, Tananarive’s mother was terminally ill, and T needed to be in Atlanta to care for her…and say good-bye. To say this was not part of my life plan would be like saying elephants are somewhat larger than fleas.   I was totally off-balance and seeking answers in every arena of my life, especially money, as my income stream had been trashed.  I was studying everything I could get my hands on, and came across the book THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH   by Wallace D. Wattles.  It’s an odd book, filled with scientific inaccuracies and some serious woo-woo stuff. But I’ve learned to look through that, and ask: “what is the author trying to say?  Is he representing some real phenomenon with the wrong language?  Trying to represent an ineffable truth with language as his only, and inadequate tool?”


So I waded through it (short wade–the book is less than 100 pages), and then…read it again. And…


I couldn’t remember a word.  Not a single concept.   I stared at the book on my desk, and said “WTF”???


Something was very very wrong.  No matter what, my memory had never been THAT bad.  What had just happened?


I remembered something that had happened thirty years earlier, when I had gone through the original EST program. You know, the one where they don’t let you go to the bathroom?  (Not really, but you were STRONGLY encouraged to wait for the breaks.  They weren’t sadists.  Exactly).  Well, it was a two-weekend workshop, quite intense, and the reality is that they actually did coordinate what I’d call a “micro-tear” in your reality.  It was fascinating, but I’m convinced it was real–you really did get an extraordinary clarity after those four days.   It didn’t LAST of course, but that doesn’t mean it was invalid. It was a little like having a paranormal experience, or the “new eyes” with which you see the world after a near-death experience or holding your newborn child for the first time.  Or falling madly in love.


Things change, for a while. Unless it’s reinforced, of course, that “tear” heals up again, and you’re right back where you started…well, maybe a few steps further along the path.  If you’re smart, lucky, and well prepared, when those moments happen you use them to check your position in the “real” world, like taking a compass reading or spotting a familiar landmark before the fog descends again.  (By the way, in my opinion, this is why EST graduates would go to workshop after workshop, seeking to reinforce that breakthrough.  The course was more context than content in that sense–not a bad thing, just something that didn’t “click” with the way I operate.  Give me the content, and I”ll create my own contexts.)


At any rate, it was maybe 2am in the morning on the second weekend.  We were all exhausted. The trainer was talking about money, and about ¼ of the room looked asleep. Then he shifted the subject to Sex.  And…most of the sleeping people awakened, and another whole swath of the room fell asleep. You could see it, like a wave sweeping the room.   I can tell you I woke the hell up, but I wasn’t just listening to the trainer, I was watching the room (I do that).  A few minutes later the trainer changed the subject again: Physical Vibrancy and weight, I believe.  And…a DIFFERENT swath of attendees woke up, and a DIFFERENT group dropped off to sleep.


This happened several more times before the session ended, and I was entranced. And thought about what had happened for days.  Now, there are several different conclusions I might have come to, but the one that stuck with me was: “when people don’t want to hear something, they go unconscious.  The more the new information challenges their paradigm, or would cause them to deal with something they aren’t ready to deal with, the more the mind struggles to avoid dealing with that information.”


When we don’t want to hear something, we go to sleep.  We create schotoma, “blind spots” in the visual or auditory or conceptual field.  The new information is simply…erased.  


I remembered that as I sat in my office, staring at THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH, and made one of my most important life decisions.  I decided to believe that there was something in that book that some part of me desperately wanted to ignore.  NEEDED to ignore.


And that I had to know what it was.  But if my mind wouldn’t absorb what was on the page, what the hell was I going to do?  And…what the HELL could be so extreme that my mind wouldn’t absorb it?


More tomorrow…



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