Putting it all together


So let’s put  the entire “Secret Ritual” (the “Secret Formula” plus the “Daily Ritual” all together, shall we?


GOALS: Are dreams with deadlines and plans for their accomplishment.  Write them down.  The S.M.A.R.T. acronym works just fine:



AS-IF NOW (“I have” not, “I will have”)

REALISTIC (if anyone else has ever accomplished your goal, starting from where you are, it is reasonable for you to hold that goal.  OR: there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time-frames)

TIME-BOUND: set a date for completion. Make a picture in your head of how it will look.


A three-year goal can work beautifully.  Then set an intermediate one-year goal. Then a six month. Three month. One month. One week.  Then most importantly, what do you have to do TODAY to be on track to that perfect week, month, three month, six month, one year, three years?


What is the daily activity which, maintained for 1000 days, would take you to your dream?


FAITH.  The hero’s journey states clearly that in the accomplishment of any worthy goal, you will “hit the wall” and face failure.  The “Dark night of the soul.” What gets you through is your faith, your belief, and it is, (again, according to the HJ) faith in one of three things:

  1. Faith in yourself
  2. Faith in your companions (friends, family, allies, mentors)
  3. Faith in a higher power.


The most successful people I know have all three. But you need at least one, minimum, and it has to work even when you are flat on your back.  It is like a spare tire when you are taking a long road trip.


ACTION. This is the daily action that will, if maintained for 1000 days, will take you to your goal in three years.  Constant action.  The “machine” of accomplishment.


How much STUDY every day?  How much MODELING of those who are more successful?

How much WORK?  

How much EXERCISE and STRESS RELIEF to keep you healthy and sane?

How much SUBMISSION OF YOUR WORK to the market, or to competition, to test your quality and reassess your efforts?

How much RECREATION and SLEEP to recover?  Remember: your body and mind grow while resting, not while working.


GRATITUDE.  Don’t think you’ll accomplish and be happy.  BE HAPPY AND THEN ACCOMPLISH.   I’ve lost track of the number of highly successful people who postponed love, family, happiness or ignored health and emotional balance while pursuing external success.  And then when they accomplished it, clawed their way to the top of the heap…found that there was nothing there.


This formula: GOALS X FAITH X ACTION X GRATITUDE is the single most powerful tool I know of. The only question is: how do you apply it to your life?


THE DAILY RITUAL is a fantastic way.  Basically, the quality of your life is the quality of your rituals, the habits, the things that you do every single day.  Preferably FIRST THING IN THE MORNING before the world gets ahold of you.


Simply put, you move your body for 10-60 minutes EVERY MORNING.  Walking is great.  Dancing, yoga, rebounding, Five Tibetans…all great. I use Tai Chi.


WHILE YOU ARE MOVING you move through the four stages, chanting aloud and visualizing, and moving your body with power and ACTING AS IF you believe what you are saying.   My own pattern runs:


GRATITUDE:   (“I’m so grateful for…” my children, my health, my wife, my friends, etc.)

GOALS: (“I’m grateful for…” my long term accomplishments: body, career, family, finances)

ACTION:  (What I have to do TODAY to make it happen. And here you pull a great “trick”.  You started by giving thanks for the things in your past and present, right?  Now your task is to move, think, and feel the same way about what you are GOING to do, the things your are GOING to accomplish.  “I’m so happy that meeting went perfectly!  I’m so grateful I wrote five fantastic pages!  I’m so happy I exercised for thirty minutes!” and so forth.

FAITH: this is usually an affirmation: “All I need is within me now.  All the (energy, courage, creativity, strength, etc) is within me now…)


I spend about five minutes on each of these, and it sets up my entire day for victory, by implanting the “Secret Formula” at the deepest level. The more passionate, committed, positive, and dynamic you are, the better. Want to pretend to be someone else, someone who could easily master your obstacles and reach your goals?  Great!  Move, breathe, speak, and FEEL like them.  Step out of yourself, and into your dreams.


Whew.  Over the last few days, I’ve gotten out a lifetime of basic knowledge about how to direct your energy for maximum effectiveness and efficiency (I.D.E.A.), used the “Lifewriting” approach to planning your future and anchoring it in your daily efforts. And more, much more.    I need to let it simmer for a bit, and then I’ll be ready to do a webinar on the subject.  If you want to go more deeply into this, or ask more questions, or just absorb the information through a different representational system, please join me.


But until then…why not try this for just thirty days, and let me know what happens. Thirty days to change your life.  Yes, I believe that strongly that that is just what will happen.


Be the hero in the adventure of YOUR lifetime.  No one else can.




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