Do everything for its own sake

This morning I had a profound insight into the connection between what I teach of Tai Chi, in life skills, and in the specifics of writing. And why the new “Screenwriting Machine” class is so special to me.

The trick is to do things for their own sake, for your own reasons, that simultaneously benefit others and apply to larger external goals.   When you can build a series of daily rituals that change and expand everything positive in your live, this is a blessing.

The “Machine” was a crack at this: what daily/weekly/monthly behaviors maximize my writing success, based purely on my personal actions.   I’m realizing that the “Screenwriting Machine” is an attempt to wrest our creativity back from a competing “machine’–Hollywood.  And I”m betting that Hollywood is no more soul-crushing than any other national media industry.  Its just the nature of industries, neither a positive or negative thing overall.    But if you would be an artist, you must act in alignment with your own heart and mind and spirit.

That means you must have control.  And that has NEVER, EVER been easier to do than right now.k Want to make movies?   Want to maximize your chances of “making it” in Hollywood?  There are many paths up that mountain.  But I’ve never seen a better one than the one at

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