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Frankly, I’m so convinced that this is the distillation of everything I’ve learned about success since childhood, that I’m applying it to EVERYTHING in my life.  Are my goals clear?  Do I believe I can and should have them?   Am I taking daily action that is NOT dependent upon external cooperation?   Do I fill my heart with love and gratitude every day?   If I do, if I do these things correctly, I WIN, no matter what anyone else thinks or does.


And this is the point behind my insistence that writers write short stories: not only do you learn your craft (and the business) most rapidly, but there is a great satisfaction in completing a task.  But it wasn’t until a couple of technologies matured that it became possible to apply this same idea to movie making.  Changing the order slightly (which is perfectly cool with a multiplicative equation):


GOAL: To make movies, entertain and enlighten, express yourself…and generate the resources necessary to support your family and live with grace.

FAITH: Thousands of others have done this.  If you are willing and able to pay the same price, you can get the same results.

GRATITUDE: Sheer joy in spending your days doing the thing you love.  And of course, all of the love, health, and positive experiences that have brought you to this point in your life.

ACTION:  Well…this is where we can fall down.    The usual pattern is “writing scripts” and beyond a doubt, it works.   But what you CANNOT do by “writing scripts” is complete the cycle of art, so that you actually share what you have done, learn what happens after you type “the end,” and learn what the actual “thing” called “cinematic art” might be.  


And traditionally, you could not do this without the cooperation of multi-million dollar studios, and executives walking on thin ice to keep their cushy jobs.    But until you GET that cooperation, you literally don’t understand what you are doing…unless you cheat.


Yeah, we’re talking about cheating.   Making your own @#$$ movies. Short movies: 10-15 minutes, perhaps.    And in that way, whether or not you want to “get into Hollywood”, you are not only learning at your fastest rate, but actually creating real works of craft and self-expression.  And at the most basic level, it costs NOTHING but time, energy, and storytelling ability.


And that is the subject of tomorrow’s FREE webinar.  My wife, the rather amazing Tananarive Due and I will explain exactly why and how to make your own movie, for your own entertainment, to learn, to share, or to advance your career.  It’s up to you.


Please join us by going to  At 6pm pst tomorrow we are creating a module for our course the SCREENWRITING MACHINE, and it is your opportunity, FREE OF CHARGE, to ask anything you want.    This is community building, one piece at a time, and if you join us, you are helping us lay the foundation.


Join us!  Register now at  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Write with passion,

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