Problem Solving Part 2: Brainstorming


Back to idea generation.   The specific term “Brainstorming” is the  process of tapping into flow and snatching out ideas, performed by a “mastermind” of two or more people.  

The “Mastermind” principle is, specifically, two or more people operating in a spirit of harmony, committed to the same goal, or helping each other achieve goals that are not in conflict.  


EXERCISE:  Using a digital recorder to track results, you and your partner(s) write the problem on a piece of paper and tack it to the wall.  Now, for fifteen minutes, each of you take turns proposing a solution.  Go FAST!  Prizes for the most answers and the silliest answers.  At the end of fifteen minutes, list the answers and discuss.   You will find hidden gems.


It is very important not to judge the quality or utility of the goals until you FINISH.   This is probably the largest stumbling block: the “adult” or “editor” voice wants to jump in and take control.   Let your “kid” play, and be shocked at just how smart she is.



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