The “Four Cut” Screenplay–Free lecture!

Working with Creative Screenwriting magazine to promote the Screenwriting Machine” webinar I created with Art Holcomb, we created an hour-long teleseminar last week to be sent out to CSW’s mailing list.   But I also wanted to offer it totally free to my friends and family.  That means YOU, compadre.   This is dynamite stuff, very original thinking about the process of writing and selling a screenplay.  


Curiously, I think it can also apply to writing and PUBLISHING books and stories, if you look at it the right way.  What is true is that we could easily have sold this for cash.  But I believe this: if I give value to my community, I will receive in return. So please, take advantage of this, listen, take notes, and ask any questions that occur to you.  As always, support each other and brainstorm like crazy.  This is excellent stuff!



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