A dream of death and life

I had a dream of death early this morning. A dear friend. I hope it was merely a reminder that life is precious and fleeting, and that we must let those we love know that we love them…and to live without fear.

The following thought burst into my mind afterward:

What do I need to be to be of greatest service in the world? To attract what I want? I asked myself what values and goals have been most constant in my life, and it hits me that I always wanted three things:

1) writing mastery.
2) martial arts mastery.
3) A loving family.

And the following phrase came to me: “Everything I NEED in life comes from within me. But everything I WANT comes from my connection to other human beings, whom I will love and protect with all my strength. I am Anahata Virabhadrasana. The warrior of the heart.”

I am also just a little stunned.



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