The only two things to write (or think!) about…

There are two questions at the center of things: “who am I?” and “What is true?”

There are two things to write about “what is a human being?” and “what is the world a human being perceives?”

That’s about it. So any story is an exploration of individuals, societies, the natural world, or the forces that create it. The interaction between these things. Every piece of writing an argumentation or expression. One can do this unconsciously, or consciously, subtextually, textually, or meta-textually. But I see no way to avoid it at all. Now, this is a perspective on the process (not the process itself) but if you will take your favorite films or books and examine them for these aspects, it can be quite a learning experience. I suspect that most classic works of fiction are even deeper, more explicit explorations of these things, especially psychology, sociology, and in a discipline like science fiction, the physical workings of the universe. But they blend together beautifully.

The trick is that if the message is present on the conscious level and you agree with it, you are likely to enjoy it. If you disagree, you are likely to complain. But one way or the other, the majority of classic literature and film HAS A PERSPECTIVE, either psychological, philosophical or political.

If you have a personal passion to share, or a sense of life as it could be you’d like to integrate into your fiction, I invite you to our “Create The Narrative” seminar tomorrow. We’re specializing in the question of social change, as I believe our country, and species, is on the edge of massive and potentially wonderful change. This is the time for a cultural conversation about what we are as individuals and a culture, how we got here and where we could or should go. Storytellers needed. Tananarive and I will express from our own passions, but all are welcome, and the core lessons can be applied to any perspective or positions.

If you want to see YOUR stories in print or onscreen, if you want to add YOUR voice to the cultural conversation, to couple YOUR head and heart into the very finest art you are capable of creating…if you are tired of being excluded from the dialogue or simply want to add real power and sinew to your work…join us tomorrow at 6pm pst!


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