Violence in the political news…


Absent certain specific developments I intend to stay out of political commentary as much as possible for the rest of my life. But I’ve established a base line in regards to BLM and other movements, as well as human behavior in general: Anger is fear wearing a mask. And violence stems from anger. When we see violence, think of this and ask about the fear, the mortal or moral terror at the base of it. See their humanity, and ask if you need to think them less human to comprehend their agonies.

If so, you are not a part of the answer.

Violence must be resisted, but it is just as important to address the fear and pain at the base of it. IMO, those who fail to understand this, who dehumanize those acting out from fear, on whichever side of the political spectrum they might be, are adding to the problem.  They are committed to stomping out weeds without realizing that they are simultaneously spreading the spores.

Do not justify or accept bullying or violence. But do understand its origins. Seek both to cut the flowers and root out the causes. That requires both strength and love, understanding yourself and extending that humanity to others.

All those willing to embrace both are my brothers and sisters in creating a future ALL our children can live in. And I would stand between you and harm, no matter where on the political spectrum you live. We are all human beings walking this path together. No two of us see the world precisely the same way. If we can embrace those differences, and love ourselves and each other, the way ahead looks just fine.


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