Messages to my Avatar

There is a marketing concept called the “Avatar” where you imagine your perfect customer/client. This is a single individual, NOT a class of people. And never “why, everyone! Everyone needs my services!” When you market to everyone, you reach no one. You speak to that one person, like a friend. Understand their hopes, dreams and needs, and give your entire heart to increasing their pleasure and easing their pain.
My Avatar is myself, thirty-forty years ago. I wanted to know how to fulfill my dreams of love, writing, martial arts prowess. Dealing with so many negative emotions, and bouyed largely by my ego shell, knowing it couldn’t possibly survive constant contact with reality. Jesus, that kid was in trouble!
If I selected a female Avatar, it would be Tananarive, twenty-five years ago. She’s the one who committed to walking this path with me. I see her so clearly, filled with hopes and dreams, burning brightly as a star, both bold as hell and shy as a rosebud.
When you read my posts, THOSE are the people I’m talking to. That is the conversation I’m having. Frankly, you guys are just listening in. I don’t try to change anyone’s mind. I simply say: these are the results I’ve gotten: three million published words, an eighth degree black belt from an instructor I revere, and marriage to my soulmate. All I can do is describe the path I’ve walked, and offer you the tools I’d have cut my left thumb off to have in my youth.
That’s the best, most honest thing I know to do. And it gives me pleasure that some of you take value in my attempt to clarify the world and path ahead to that younger self.

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