A possible approach

I don’t know if this will lead anywhere, but I’m always experimenting on myself, and thought I’d share something that seems kinda interesting.  It’s complicated, and I don’t have time this morning to make it simple, so I’ll do it in steps. Sorry.

  1. I love mental exercises. They are especially advised for the over-fifty crowd, of which I am definitely a member.
  2. Memory is an area of special concern at that point.   I decided to look into the work of (by some measures) the world’s greatest memory expert Harry Lorrayne.   He teaches Mneumonic systems.  His basic theory seems to be that we have an almost perfect “real” memory that records the natural world impeccably, but the world of constructed symbols and digital information floats “above” this, and is often flawed. By visualizing abstractions and then linking them together in unique patterns, we can access this “real” memory more efficiently and effectively.  I’ll tell you that whether that theory is really what he thinks, or is factually accurate, the techniques work very very well indeed.
  3. The core of the system might be the number “peg” system–phonetic symbols for numbers from 1 (tie) to 9 (bee).   There is value in memorizing them from 1-99 (“Pub” would be an example of 99).   Its fun to apply this to license plates on the freeway. The trick is to try to flash on the “image” without thinking consciously of the number.
  4. Having memorized the numbers from 0-99, about two months ago I tried something interesting.  First thing in the morning I sit up, do the “Ancient Child” meditation, and then I visualized a triangle on my forehead and ran through the numbers from 0-99.  Jeeze it was tough!  Especially after about 35.  I was using fingertip pressure on the blanket to remind me where I was. My mind was just all over the place, but when I finished, there was a very nice sense of completion.
  5. Then last week, I tried something different.  After I woke up, I just laid there and ran through those numbers from 0-99, visualizing every symbol in that forehead triangle.   Curiously, after I finished I felt relaxed and TOTALLY AWAKE.  Strange.  Got out of bed, body and head felt connected beautifully.
  6. This morning I started by awakening, running through 0-99, then sat up and did the Ancient Child.  Rolled out of bed, feeling light, strong, connected, totally awake.   Did I mention that at night I do Joint Rotations?  That combination had me waking up feeling better, more alive than I have in months (and I generally feel pretty good!)
  7. I have no idea if any of this is real, or just the results of mixing things up again, as I always do. But…I thought I’d share just in case.





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