What if you lose your passion?

I saw this question on a thread this morning:


“What do you do when you conclude that you’ve lost your passion for a creative outlet that has defined you for the past two decades; a passion that is central to the existence of most of your friends and acquaintances?

Or, to put it another way …

What do you do when you realize that you just don’t want to write any more?”


My answer:


“Probe into the reasons. why did you want to write? What has changed? We often fall out of love when we focus on negative aspects of our partner that we used to ignore. On the other hand, it is also possible that we or the partner have changed. I don’t know anyone in any field who doesn’t go through periods where they are sick and/or tired of it. It may be useful to know if this is “just” a cyclical thing brought on by fear, fatigue, disappoinment…or if you have really changed. The sense that there is a “void” makes me suspect that you’ve anchored negative emotions to writing, not actually become bored with it.”


What do you think?


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