When does your “alarm” go off?

My depression is insidious. It’s a slow dimming of meaning and color fading from the world. And you don’t even realize it’s there until you are too deep to even think about crawling out.” –A reader

There are financial, relationship, physical and emotional conditions that get slowly worse…and then explode.   If you could stop them when they were “small” it is like squashing a baby T-Rex rather than waiting for it to get large enough to eat you whole.


How many people don’t balance their ledger or checkbook out of discomfort, and let it expand into total disaster?   Don’t do their homework project until the last night, and then totally freeze?

Don’t have that “uncomfortable” conversation with their lover until they are packed and heading out the door?   

Don’t manage movement and diet and other habits until the doctor tells them they are going to die if they don’t have surgery?


The trick is that it is hard to perform the habits when the pain is only at a “one,” and often too late by the time it hits a  “ten” and the alarms go off.


One of the core concepts I’m giving to Jason now is to “kill the monster while it is small”.  His “brain farts” take him totally out of control, but before he reaches that point his voice raises, his body posture shifts, his breathing gets hinky, and he is rude without really realizing it.   He can still bring himself back from “the brink” at this point, but if he waits until he gets to an “eight” or above, it is too late.  


Your alarm has to go off at a “four” or “five”, while you still have a chance to stop the fire.


The solution is the “Daily Ritual”.


The “Daily Ritual” is carefully crafted of things  things which, IF YOU DO THEM, will maximize your chances of health, success, happiness, love.  In general, I like the “thousand day” approach.   Expertise in most human activities can be reached within a thousand hours of practice.  So if you want it, you could create a “ritual” of an hour of practice/study a day for three years.   Keep a calendar  chart and give yourself a star for every day you do it.  If you miss a day, have a specific plan in mind (for instance, calling an ally for support) to get you back on track.   If you are missing LOTS of days, you may want to bring in some professional assistance: a life coach or trainer, for instance.


The same of course can be plotted for a 100-day plan, a 30-day play, or a 10-day plan.


Or…a lifetime plan.    


The core “basics” of staying healthy, happy, financially balanced and loving can be boiled down to less than an hour a day.  Often MUCH less.  For instance:


  1. Finances/Mind: check your “Mint” account to see your complete financial picture.   Review long-term goals.   Define what must be done TODAY to stay on track.  Five minutes.
  2. Body: Tai Chi or Tibetans or  Sun Salutations or Joint Mobility drills. This can take as little as 10 minutes a day.
  3. Emotions: Heartbeat Meditation, Ancient Child, cuddling. 5-20 minutes


All of the above can be compressed into less than 30 minutes a day.  A “morning ritual” of movement, focus, and breathing can handle BOTH body and emotions in 10 minutes, if you get really good at it.  That would make a complete morning ritual totalling 15 minutes.


Begin such a program, keep a chart.  Be aware that your “death drive”, your negative self, will try to crush you with guilt and helplessness if you miss a day.  THIS IS CRAP.  It is just data. If you could really keep a daily ritual through up and down, day in and day out, you wouldn’t need one.


One of the things we’ll work on in the April 17th FIREDANCE TAI CHI workshop is precisely such a “daily ritual” for each and every person, as well as providing support for your practice, via email and social media group.   


Your head can trick you every which way, but the body doesn’t lie.  If you move, hold your posture, maintain your focus through intensity, you anchor those states into your being.  You learn the connection between alignment, breathing, words, and focus.


And by combining this with the “Five Minute Miracle” technique (stopping every three hours to breathe for 60 seconds) you learn to recognize unresourceful states while they are SMALL, and to shift them.  And as it takes about thirty days to “anchor in” a new habit, these changes can actually become AUTOMATIC.


Imagine if stress triggered your most resourceful states instead of curling you into a ball.  What could you accomplish if you knew how to recognize the symptoms of depression, defeatism, anger and fear when they were a “two” or “three” instead of a “nine” or “ten”?


Wouldn’t that make a difference?


We will use the Wu Style Tai Chi form, an ancient Chinese “profound movement” system  as a starting place.  If you have studied before, we can accelerate your understanding. If you are a newbie, we can start you on the right road AND give you a simpler practice you can put in place IMMEDIATELY without waiting “years” for the benefits of health, peace of mind, and centered perception.


This can revolutionize your life.   And is the kind of result people want from years or DECADES of practice of yoga or Tai Chi.  But you can do it in thirty days.  And you can learn the core of it in a single day.   THAT is what we’re going to be doing in Bothell, Washington on April 17th.   Something unique and extraordinarily powerful, something I could never have done without almost fifty years of martial arts, yoga, hypnosis, NLP, Transcultural Shamanism and study of the Hero’s Journey.    In one day, you’ll learn how to transform your life in fifteen minutes.




YOU, because you want to change your change your health, happiness, and success levels in thirty days, in only fifteen minutes a day.


That’s it.   That’s what we have for you.  All you have to do is click the link below and show up in Bothell Washington (Seattle area) on April 17th with an open mind and heart.


All experience and fitness levels  fitness levels welcome.


I hope you’ll join us!






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