Taking off for Seattle in a few hours.  NORWESCON science fiction convention beckons!   They’ve been my favorite convention of the year, ever since I attended a midnight Smurf burning over the swimming pool…

My kind of nutballs!  

It was also at NORWESCON, twenty years ago, that I made real breakthroughs in teaching Tai Chi!  I’d been practicing for fifteen years, had gained wonderful benefits in stress reduction, energy, mastering fear, and overall health.   But the convention sponsors only gave me TWO HOURS in a weekend to try to teach.   Heck, I’d been told: “PRACTICE FOR TEN YEARS AND YOU’LL GET THE BENEFITS!”

I didn’t HAVE ten years.  And neither did the people who came to me, trusting that I could help them.  

Their backs and joints hurt. They needed a “transfusion” of coffee every morning just ot wake up.  They had lost their sense of excitement, love, join in simply living and moving.

I LOVED these folks, and desperately wanted to help them.

I went to my teachers and begged them to show me ways to “hack” the form and system.  WAS THERE A WAY to create (or surpass!) the ordinary benefits of YEARS or DECADES of practice, and convey the core of that in mere HOURS?

The simple answer?  Yes.  There was!

Using techniques from yoga, martial arts, NLP, Transcultural Shamanism, Eriksonian Hypnosis and my study of the Hero’s Journey to find a way to transfer YEARS of knowledge in just hours.

And the results?  Students said that they learned more in TWO HOURS than they had in TWO YEARS of ordinary instruction.  And they BEGGED me to teach more, or tell them where they could learn my approach.  There simply was no way.     And after hearing the requests for years, I finally let myself be persuaded to create a DAY LONG workshop that takes these two hours and accelerates them, anchors the joy and transformation into your body, gives you “triggers” to shift your mood whenever and wherever you want in SECONDS.


“The things I learned from Steven Barnes not only changed my life…they SAVED my life!”–LaVeda Mason


The inaugural full-day workshop will be held in Bothell Washington (near Seattle) on Sunday April 17th.  If you live anywhere in the area, please give yourself an amazing gift at ZERO risk to you.  ALL SKILL AND FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME!


To learn more and register, go to: WWW.FIREDANCETAICHI.COM



See you in Bothell!
Steven Barnes



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