Batman vrs Superman (2016)

My, THAT looked expensive.


Sort of a gold-plated camel, all lumpy and ungainly, but pretty damned impressive overall, even if you aren’t certain of the creative impulse behind the whole thing. As corporate art goes, they aren’t Marvel-spry, but to their credit they seem to be after a very different feeling, and they nail it just often enough for me to say: not bad. Worth the time and money to check it out.

Affleck is the best Batman ever, and Gal Godot rocks Wonder Woman, and Henry Cavill is simultaneously the strongest and most vulnerable Superman we’ve ever had. The big fight actually worked. Disjointed, too dark, fuzzy on motivation and unsure of tone. Not a lot of Yocks, but a good night at the movies.

What the hell–this is a golden age of Geekdom, and as long as there are shows like BETTER CALL SAUL and THE PEOPLE VERSUS O.J. coming on every week, the Imax screens might as well explode with this. I mean, what the heck! Its Batman and Superman onscreen together, live action, for the first time in what, almost eighty years?  Have fun: I did.


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