Seeking Enlightenment

We had a wonderful Sunday Firedance Tai Chi workshop. The intent was to move beyond the “mere” form to the sense of aliveness, play, creativity, joy, and stress-free life that these disciplines offer…with a rather slow learning curve. It is my belief that the same energy can be accessed in a month, after a single day of instruction.


Here, cleansed of all identifying details, is a letter I received from one of this weekend’s  FIREDANCE student, and my answers:


Today was an epiphany for me, because of something you said.

I am not sure of the exact words but you spoke today of “not being able to live enlightened in your head as that would challenge (or conflict) with your reality.  You have to live it in (or through) your body.”  If you can recall that line of thought from the first hour, I would like to know a great deal more about this.  If that was the reason for me to take your class, it was a gift from God.

Briefly, it means that you can learn either by grounding your body (in a discipline like Tai Chi, yoga, etc.) OR you can begin by opening your heart and examining your fear, anger, and love.  Either works.

What books would you recommend reading?  I have spent the better part of the day reading Jed McKenna’s SpiritualEnlightenment.  I haven’t found anything approaching a First Step, other than he mentioned that most people never take it.
The first step is commitment to action.  Your goal should not be “Enlightenment” but rather being an “Awakened Adult”.  That is the half-way point, from which you can see the next destination “around the corner” so to speak.  What action?  In the Firedance workshop, that was a daily ritual of thought, movement and emotion, for 10-20 minutes a day, PLUS five sixty-second “breathing breaks” during the day. But you might consider 10-20 minutes of “Heartbeat” meditation daily (“listening to” and/or “feeling” your heartbeat, perhaps by taking your pulse) to center and calm and connect.  Then journal, seeking answers to the questions “Who am I?” and “What is true?”
Books will not help you. That is “up in your head.”  Actions and connecting with your heart can heal, ground, and teach you everything you need.

Thank you for so many things I saw today in you.  It gives me hope that the things I seek, others have sought before.

 You are so very welcome.   And hope is a wonderful thing. The equation is: GOALS X FAITH X ACTION X GRATITUDE = RESULTS.

And hope is faith.

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