Musashi’s first four rules of Marketing

So…who would like trying to apply these first four principles to their business?
1) Honesty: both within yourself and your intent/need to be an entrepreneur, not “just” an artist or craftsman. That you need to actually concentrate on Marketing and Sales.  BUSINESS is making money.  Otherwise it is craft, art, hobby, charity–all good things, but if you don’t differentiate, it is easy to get lost.
2) Constant study and practice. Spending 1/2 hour a day minimum studying this critical arena. Another 1/2 hour implementing.     If you aren’t making enough money, either you aren’t good enough, or you aren’t a savvy enough marketer/salesman. Which is it? (Of course it could be both. But if anyone else in your industry is doing better than you, it most certainly is not “neither”)
3) Learn from artists. Connect your craft with your heart. Find a way to put real emotion into everything you are doing.
4) Learn from businesses. What is your Unique Selling Proposition? Who is your ideal customer, your “Avatar”?  It is NOT a group. NOT “everybody.”  It is a specific person.   For example: my ideal customer is me, 30 years ago.  All I have to do is define who I was at that point, and I have a description of the person DYING to learn what I know!
Play with these four ideas. Until you have absorbed them, there is no use at all in going on to the rest!

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