Celebrate the Creative Legacy of Prince!


This Friday, May 6th at 6pm PDT, we’re going to do a very special LIFEWRITING show.  Special because we’re celebrating the creative legacy of one of the great artistic forces of the 20th-21st Century.  Not just a retrospective of his music (although we will discuss that, of course) but discuss the process and origins of his creative flow, as suggested in his interviews, interviews with his collaborators, and our own observations.   I was blessed to observe him at CLOSE range performing at his house, and was shocked at what I saw.

Was he some alien force, separate from the rest of us? Or a reminder of the creative tsunami within each and every child?

Tananarive and I loved him, deeply. I think if Mozart had been born in the 20th Century, he would have been Prince.  If he was lucky.  I have no higher praise!

Also, we are launching LIFEWRITING PREMIUM, our new site, and our opening gift to each and every one of you is over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of our best programs for only a dollar!


Join us on Talkshoe for the first step into a new world.






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