Take no shit

I gave three principles which, on consideration, seemed to be the core of an aspect of my teaching:

1) Love yourself.

2) Take no shit.

3) Expand your sense of ‘self’ to include others.


I’m just testing these, and they are not formalize, but they seem to hold. There was some concern about #2: doesn’t this place you in an adversarial position? Well, that can happen, yes. And if you are afraid of that, trust me that predators will lick their chops. But if you are sufficiently centered, even this is not necessary. There is a story illustrating this, attributed to the Buddha:

The Buddha was teaching a group of aspirants and as he lectured, one of the surrounding crowd mocked, challenged and insulted him.  He tolerated this for a time, and then said:

“Sir.  You have asked me many questions.  May I ask you one?”

“Sure” the man sneered.

“If I offer you a gift, and you decline to accept it, to whom does the gift belong?”

“Why you, of course.”

“Precisely,” the Buddha replied.  “So, if I decline to accept your abuse, to whom does the abuse belong?”

And the man was speechless.


As I said: take no shit.







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