How Can We Change?

I saw a reader comment about how hard it is to change.   Well, yes.  But a disturbing thought occurred to me: what if it is VERY challenging to change yourself, but changing yourself is still easier than changing things outside of you?   In other words, what if your world really changes only when you do?


Then…IF that was true, then it may SEEM that you have changed things outside yourself: your finances, your relationships, whatever…but what if that is an illusion? That as hard as it seems to change yourself, that is really the only thing we can change?


It seemed useful to follow that thought for a moment, perhaps before my common sense finishes waking up.  The following thoughts arise…


  1. If the primary task is to become the person who fits the new world we wish to create, how can we change, if change is so difficult?
  2. Why not stop struggling to change, and in effect ask a different question: what if it is IMPOSSIBLE to actually change what we are?
  3. But…if apparent change takes place: people change habits, improve relationships and finances, lose weight and keep it off, etc.  But only if their daily habits shift. And those daily habits don’t shift unless the behaviors are supported by beliefs, values, and emotions and so forth.   Whatever is in alignment with these things becomes automatic.  Anything NOT in alignment with these things is a struggle, and will only stay “changed” as long as they hold our conscious attention.
  4. What if, instead of changing, I take the question all the way to the end of the line: If “Who Am I?” is the core question (the other being “what is true?” which is the inquiry at hand) that implies that the answer “I am a smoker” or “I am a procrastinator” are not descriptions of who we are, but just what we do, think or feel.   But they are not “us.”  
  5. If this is true, then the trick is to go deeper, to get below the behavior, the feelings, the identity and ask “who am I?” again and again until you reach the “I am a being who chooses or practices this behavior”.  Not the end of the line, but basic, and something that begins to hint of choice.  “What is true?” about such people, such beings.  They do what they do to avoid pain and gain pleasure.   “Why do they associate pleasure or pain with this thing?”  or “Why do I associate pleasure or pain with this thing?”
  6. That inquiry is a powerful one, and the information is not always available on the conscious level.   In a very real sense, though, once you are clear on your goals: things, actions, states of being you wish to experience regularly, you don’t NEED to know “why?”  Knowing is the booby prize.   You need to BE the person in alignment with those goals and values. To live your life smoothly and without friction
  7. The inquiry above is designed to give the conscious mind something to chew on: “who am I, who does these things?”  “Is it true that this is the purest expression of me-ness?”  Eventually, you “get underneath” any behavior, emotion, or thought pattern to the place where it was generated, programmed or accepted.  And there you will be confronted by questions of choice: do you really want to be this person?  Is it safe to change?
  8. But you can do this unconsciously as well, and this can be the proper answer.   WHAT YOU NEED IS TO LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH JOY AND PURPOSE. And you do this when you are aligned with BOTH your childhood dreams and the deepest most sincere values you will hold on your deathbed, beyond all ego and fear. All you need to live a wonderful life is for your “adult” self to navigate the world keeping these two things in mind.  
  9. The “Ancient Child” exercise is designed to heal, align, and provide you with the creative solution-building necessary to navigate the world of art and business, of the physical body, of the realm of emotional relationships with self and others, all with power, integrity, and ease.  There are other paths, other techniques, and I hope you will find one that works for you.
  10. But until you do, we’ve made it possible to get this program and the THIRTY DAY process that anchors it into your mind, FREE OF CHARGE.  If you will try the LIFEWRITING PREMIUM site for one month, you will get a FREE download of the “Ancient Child” program, a 39.95 value.  What does it cost to do this?  ONE DOLLAR FOR THE FIRST MONTH.   And if you will give us an honest chance to help you, and at the end of a month you don’t believe we are what you need, we’ll be happy to give you your dollar back. This site is for Artists and Entrepreneurs (and almost EVERYBODY is one or the other or both!) who want to change themselves and their worlds, to find success on all levels, and find a “tribe” of like-minded individuals.  If you’ll go to you will have a chance to get this…and other programs FREE OF CHARGE, just to try us for a single month.


I have no idea how to be more fair than this.  If you know of a way, please tell me!  Our goal is to create ONE MILLION AWAKE, AWARE, ADULT HUMAN BEINGS.  My path to this is to gather and create ONE MILLION AWAKE, AWARE, ADULT ARTISTS AND ENTREPRENEURS.  


We can heal our hearts, experience abundance AND change the world…all at the same time.


But oh…what’s that you say?   If individuals cannot change, how can a world?  Well, its the same question: we don’t know what the world truly is. We know how it presents itself. Go deeper. Change yourself and your own perceptions of possibility, and you change the world you experience. When enough people do this…they guide the Dream.


Join me. One month. Nothing to lose.


Namaste, Steve


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