No such thing as “fool proof” because we all fool ourselves.

The “Five Tibetans” (,  is a hyper-simple, quick and efficient whole-body fitness regimen. More importantly, because it is to be performed daily, it is a great diagnostic for your body-mind connection and degree of unconsciousness.

But it isn’t fool proof. One of my students, a lady who was tremendously angry with her husband, confessed to wanting to punish him by making her body unattractive. But at the same time, she was concerned about back pain and loss of energy that resulted from a serious weight gain. I suggested the Tibetans, and a few weeks later she reported that she had hurt herself. How? The first Tibetans says that you hold your arms level with the ground and spin in a circle.

She interpreted this as “keep your feet in the same place and corkscrew your body until you twist your back.”

Ouch. I don’t believe she didn’t understand. You could give those instructions to a thousand people–and I have–and not one of them would do something as unfortunate as that. She’s smarter than that.

She sabotaged herself.

Goals demand that you have your values, beliefs, and emotional anchors all aligned. This lady had equal and opposite “pulls” on her unconscious: “keep extra fat” and “lose weight” operating at the same time.

I think we’ve all seen this before. In writing: people who deliberately follow pathways their mentors have told them will cause failure (like writing huge novels without ever having published a short story. You can burn up YEARS with this one.)

In relationships: following old, negative patterns of behaviour, or refusing to pay attention to indications that a prospective partner is pure poison.

In finances: skipping your Mint sessions, or refusing to balance your checkbook. Not answering creditors’ calls. Continuing to spend money on consumer items that depreciate instantly.

In other words, you know what you should do, you are afraid to do it, so you take actions that look kinda sorta like forward progress, but are actually designed to create the illusion “I’m trying! I’m writing/exercising/working/dating but the world just isn’t cooperating!”

Until you are certain that your unconscious supports your external goals, you are operating with your brakes on, and the results can be dreadful…

Lying to yourself and others.

Breaking promises to yourself and others.

Distorting incoming or outgoing information.

“Forgetting” important details of your process.

Vague, unfocussed fears and negative emotions.


Any and all of these can be symptoms of “fighting” internally, competing beliefs and emotions. And they can sabotage your life.

1) Where do you recognize the above behaviours in your own life?

2) Where have you seen them in other people?

3) Where have you seen them create dysfunction within organizations or political bodies (conflicting goals leading to gridlock)?

Much to think of here…and these are the very questions we’re setting up LIFEWRITING PREMIUM to address.  Because if we can only speak the truth to ourselves, we develop the courage to speak it to others.    If we live with joy, passion and purpose others will want to know what we’re doing. If we are successful we attract people seeking to model success. And we not only change our own lives, but the world around us.

ONE MILLION Awake, aware, adult human beings, one artistic entrepreneur or entrepreneurial artist at a time.

What is YOUR goal?  Your vision for the world, or yourself?   If the idea of helping awaken the world by awakening yourself draws you, join us on LIFEWRITING PREMIUM and see if we cannot march together.   WWW.LIFEWRITE.COM





-Steven Barnes


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