Core concepts

The Lifewriting Premium site has several core aspects to it.  Just for fun, lets define some.


  1. The Thirty-Day Challenge.  Aim at a goal you could accomplish in 30 days if you were dead-on focused.    Something exciting, something that would lift you to a new level of your life.  Study what people who have successfully accomplished something similar have done (starting from where you are starting).  Now divide it into 30 daily actions.
  2. The Daily Ritual.   This is a 10-20 minute morning practice.  WHILE MOVING (running, walking, yoga, dancing, joint mobility, Tai Chi etc.) Chant the pieces of the M.A.G.I.C. formula aloud: what you have to be grateful for, what your clear intentions (goals in alignment with values) are, what actions you will take to accomplish them, and why you have faith you can and should do this thing.  Move, speak, and hold your facial expression with full confidence.
  3. M.A.G.I.C. Formula.   Magic = Action (daily) X Gratitude X Intention (goals) X Conviction (faith)
  4. The Ancient Child.   A meditation form moving from “Heartbeat Meditation” to visualization of your inner child to visualization of your “Ancient One”…then allowing these different aspects to interact.


One way to combine these is to:

  1. Awaken in the morning, listen to your heartbeat.
  2. Sit up, visualize yourself in a mirror, see the light within, concentrate it into a child-self (often in your “womb”/stomach.  Ask the child if it has anything to say.
  3. Visualize your “Ancient Self” (often at the crown of your head). Ask it if it has anything to say.
  4. Let the “child” and “ancient” selves converse without interrupting.
  5. Now move into your morning ritual of movement, affirmation and focus.


The entire process can take no more than 10-20 minutes


Questions?  Comments?  Requests?





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