The best way to learn internet marketing is…

The fastest way to learn about sales and marketing on the Internet is to affiliate with a product or service, and promote that. In that way, you don’t have to create a product, and can concentrate on sales and marketing. You can get started in AN HOUR.
Here are some simple steps to get started with us (in a spirit of honest disclosure, there are countless thousands of places you can affiliate, including Clickbank and Amazon. Everything I’m saying here can be adapted to them as well)
1)Go to and sign up for an account
2) Get the LIFEWRITING PREMIUM affiliate link, and replace the XXX with your user name. You are now in business!
It is advised that you ONLY promote a product or service you honestly use. “Sales is a transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another.”
3) On your blog or FB give HONEST comments about your experience with the product. Tell them about the deal: $1 for $100 dollars worth of downloads and 30-days access. Post your affiliate link when you do.
4) Use other social media: Youtube, other people’s blogs, message boards, public speaking, business cards, and so forth.  Tell your story with passion and clarity (and brevity!)
5) HONESTLY convey the value you received, and tell people the BENEFITS they will receive.
6) Get to know the Lifewriting Premium site. Visit for at least an hour a week–5-20 minutes a day. Help other members, and ask for support.
7) Choose a 30-day program (primary focus on one of the major four areas at a time. Secondary focus on the other three) and share your daily process on your FB page, linking the affiliate link every day. As you get positive results, people will naturally be attracted and want to know what you’re doing.
8) There are SO many tools, and so many ways to use them! Once you get a result, let us know! And SHARE that result with others! Could be weight, self-love, health, finances, finishing a project. Once you have learned, define HOW you did it. And you can even offer to coach other members: “join Premium, and then let’s Mastermind with each other for mutual support.”
9) This means you need a USP (Unique Selling Proposition. What specific support can you offer so that your affiliate link has a special flavor?) and an Avatar (what kind of person needs your support the most? Where can you find them? How do you gain their trust with integrity? What value can you offer them?)
10) This is just an overview, but if you wanted, you could create a 30-Day program just for this. Post ten messages/links a day on ten different blogs. Study sales and marketing for 30 minutes EVERY day and implement what you learn for 30 minutes EVERY day. Support other people on the Premium site, so that the community becomes more vibrant. Increase its value with YOUR contribution, then you can sincerely recommend it to others, providing greater value to you, which increases your ability to honestly share its value with others. A positive spiral.
Ask questions. Let us support you. Have a goal of posting 1000 comments on blogs around the internet, with 1000 links, ALWAYS being genuine, helpful, friendly, sincere. Remember you are an ambassador for the site. Remember that our goal is one MILLION awake, aware, adult human beings. That means that YOU must commit to awakening, awareness, carrying yourself as an adult in the world.
Your path? Balanced goals: Body, Career, Relationships, Finances. Choose the weakest link, focus on it for 30 days. Journal the results. Share your victories, and an affiliate link.
It takes a village.

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