What Can You Accomplish In 30 Days?


One core concept of the Lifewriting program is creating a 30 day program to change your life. But, you might ask, if I have less than an hour a day (sometimes only five minutes!) what can I really accomplish in a month?




Career: Writers can write 1-4 stories.  This means reading 10-40 stories (keep ‘em short!) and writing at least one sentence EVERY day.


Relationship: Internal connection.  Thirty days of “Ancient Child” exercise and morning ritual can change your life.  Self-love is primal, basic, most central to being able to deal with the world from love, not fear.  From Gratitude rather than resentment.


Physical: Use Joint Mobility, Five Tibetans plus walking five days a week to integrate movement into your life.  ADD: “The Smart Phone Diet.”  Simple way to “wake up” to how much you are really eating.  No hunger required.  Just take a digital snap of EVERYTHING you eat or drink for one month.  That’s it.   Just be conscious.   Yeah, that sick little feeling you just got?  That’s honesty clearing its throat.


Finance: Hook your finances into MINT, or otherwise check them daily.  And DAILY look at three things for a minute or two each:


  1. Your attitude about sales, marketing, and money.  If they are negative, you MUST change them to have abundance. Fast way to address this: look at the fear under the negative emotion. Burrow to the root of that fear, and face it.
  2. Your USP. What is unique about you, or the product/service you produce?  Why should someone invest their money with YOU as opposed to all the other options they have, or just keeping their money in the bank?  If there is nothing unique, what do you love enough to spend a thousand hours getting better at it so that you DO have a USP?  Most human activities will yield enough skill to support you in less than this.   And if you can’t think of anything?  Then spend that thousand hours studying SALES AND MARKETING.
  3. Your Avatar.  Who is your perfect customer?  Often, it is a younger you.   But be specific.  Who is the person desperate for what you have?  If there isn’t enough of a market to sustain you, you’ll have to do that thing as a hobby, and something else to create the time and space to enjoy said hobby.
  4. Look at how you can save 10% out of every check.   Get as close to that as you can, but if you don’t think you can save 1% you probably are lying to yourself.
  5. In your Ancient Child meditation, check between your Child and Ancient selves and see what your attitudes about money, sales, and marketing are, where you got them, and what are you committed to: prosperity or protecting old beliefs and attitudes?


The 10-20 minute “Morning Ritual” can clarify and align your mind, emotions, and body.    Start with this for 30 days, seeking to get another 40 minutes for walking, writing, planning, designing your day, checking your results.


At least 10 minutes a day for 30 days.

Tell yourself you can’t do that?  Then do the “Five Minute Miracle” (60 seconds of belly breathing, once every 3 hours during your waking day).  Don’t have five minutes?  You’re lying to yourself.


Can’t write a single sentence? Lying to yourself.


Don’t have the time to do three minutes of joint mobility drills?   Lying to yourself.


For thirty days, TELL THE TRUTH.  Find out what is really going on, and Wake Up to the fact that you’ve been sleep-walking through your life.


That’s Musashi’s first principle: “Do Not Think Dishonestly”


THAT’S what you can do in thirty days.  You can change your story about what stops you, and the story you tell yourself determines the meaning you extract from life.  You can make 1% change every week, which will give you serious change every year (52 weeks. Compound that change!)


ONLY if you are awake can you make the kind of change that really shifts your life.  Only be being the change you want to see in the world do you have the right to complain about spouses, customers and bosses, or politicians.


You might not be able to “wake up” in 30 days…but you can discover that you are asleep.  And that is the first step.






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