Living the Ancient Child

To align your goals, actions, emotions, values, beliefs, resources and emotions creates a kind of power most people have never experienced, and I want that very attainable reality to be available to each and every one of you.

So…the purpose of the Ancient Child is to specifically concentrate on aligning your passion and your deepest values and core principles. When you measure your day-to-day actions as if you are walking a path between birth and death, with BOTH your childhood dreams and death-bed values alive in every action, every word…we begin to align that internal world. It is key to the “I.D.E.A.” concept, becoming a “human laser” in the sense that your brakes are off, you can go full steam ahead, running “downhill” with no fear of tripping and falling. So to do this, you begin by playing a game of “Twenty Questions.” There is nothing special about any single question, but they have been chosen quite carefully and deliberately, and together they link together your inner world in a unique way.

So…here we go. The “Twenty Questions” are to be used this way:

1) Select a goal that will transform your life for the better.
2) Use a journal, and write your answer to the question(s).
3) Then…visualize your child self. Ask HIM (or her) the same question concerning your intent. Note: is there a difference between what you say, and what your “child” says?
4) Then…visualize your Elder self, beyond ego and ambition, clear on the meaning of your life whether YOU understand it currently or not. Ask HIM the same question. Note: is there a difference between what you say, and what your “Elder” said? How about between “child” and “elder”?
5) Get out of the way, and allow “Child” and “Elder” to speak together of these things. Stay out of the discussion as much as possible. Write down as much as you can.
6) BONUS: Bring an appropriate role model into the discussion, implanting at the appropriate Chakra (for instance: if your goal is to find a Soul Mate, find a role model who has been happily married long enough to enjoy their grandchildren together. Visualize this person in your heart-space) and let them take part in the discussion. Record the results.
7) ADVANCED BONUS: Visualize yourself in your inner mirror. Transform your gender–flow from male to female, or female to male. See yourself as you would have been, if born into the different gender energy. Ask your questions. Repeat with your child self. Repeat with your elder self.

Get it?

Now…here’s your first question:
1) a) If you go full-tilt boogie toward your goal, what is the worst that could happen?
b) Exactly how do you know what you think you know about this situation?
c) How do you know you are correct? What is your error-checking procedure here?

Oops. Is that four questions? Maybe. But they all relate to a single issue. Ask them of your intention, and get commentary from your conscious mind, your child and elder selves. If necessary, write their answers with your non-dominant hand.

Get ready for a bit of magic.

-Steve Barnes


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