A Glimpse of the entire thing

Sometimes, there are specific moments at which the world takes shape.

Mine was a moment at which I thought about the Hero’s Journey structure, and asked how it related to the chakra system.  These are ancient patterns, one of story and life, the other of personal human evolution.  Ten steps human beings take to move along the path of adventure, accomplishment, or growth.  Seven steps representing a path to personal healing and change.


What was the relationship?  I’d bounced the two around in my head and heart for almost a decade before a connection occurred to me, and it came back to those twin questions: Who Am I?  What Is True?


Hmmm.   What if I asked “who is the “hero” in the Hero’s Journey?”  What is the nature of the being traveling that road?  Can I look at him as someone who has a flaw in one of the chakra levels, and seeks to heal it?   Let’s study that question.  Survival, Sex, Power, Emotion, Communication, Intellect, and Spirit.   Those are an interpretation of the Chakra levels many teachers have offered.   How many movies have been about survival?   Does survival trump the other levels?  I’ve chuckled at people saying that sex is the most powerful human drive, and wondered if they really believed they’d stop running from a bear to get laid.  But once survival is assured, does sex rear its head? Ask Brits how many “Blitz babies” were born nine months after the bombings…


I could walk up through the chakras and yes, it seemed to work spooky well.   How to represent it in my mind? What if I saw the HJ as a series of spirals leading “up” between the levels? That if a character has a wound in one level, you can easily describe an HJ pattern to allow healing, leading to the next level, and the next challenge. On and on and up until you have cleared everything, healed everything, and arrived at Spirit.


If “Spirit” is defined as what remains when all illusion is dispelled, the model makes sense.  Imagine then a rotating sphere, the chakras as the “spine” with overlapping spirals leading you up and up…


I could just barely envision it.  Rotating, pulsing, alive.   For the first time, I UNDERSTOOD STORY in a way I’d never done before, and it was possible to enter that dance from any level, from any part of the process, any human need, and see how it all fit together.   Money issues, love problems, physical threat…all of it led to the challenge to heal, all of the healings led to the process of growth, all growth led to moving beyond fear, which led to the expansion of love and the courage to look beyong illusion…


Any story, any human issue could be mapped on that dynamic sphere.  


And then, about a year later…it hit me that that same sphere was life itself.  Being INSIDE the sphere I could not, and cannot, hold the entire living structure in my mind, but I could focus on any sliver of it, or step back and get a blurry image of the whole thing…and that was enough.


Once you see it, any challenge is just a part of your journey. Any true resource enables growth in all arenas.  You can start with love, or you can start with mastering the physical, because they can SENSE the entire structure. Start with your head and you’re screwed, because frankly, you ain’t smart enough to hold the whole thing in your head.  Neither am I, by a long shot.  Neither is anyone I’ve ever met, or heard of, and language sure as hell doesn’t hold it.


But…you have experienced countless stories. And have known countless people. And lived your own life.  And if you will empty your cup and ask: “what if?”  “Who am I?”  “What is true?”  you can glimpse it, I think you can. In your peripheral vision, not your foveal.


The path is to act, from love. Or to love, and then act.  Either works just fine.   There are other paths, beyond a doubt.    If this one attracts you, let’s walk together for a time.






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