Karate for shy children


I recently posted a video of little teeny kids sparring (so cute!) and someone reasonably warned that it can be problematic if one is aggressive and the other shy.   Yes, but it is also an opportunity, and thought my answer might be of interest:

“Easy (to keep this from becoming problematic) if you know what you’re doing–you watch to see when the shy one’s breathing shifts to high in her chest, stop or slow them down, re-anchor the shy one’s breathing to diaphragmatic, and let them go again. You literally teach their bodies how to shift their reaction to stress. Lots of other approaches, of course, but shy people HAVE to learn how to deal with aggression, or their lives suffer.”

You can use this notion in your own life. Deliberately stop and check your breathing every three hours, shifting to deep diaphragmatic breathing if you are experience “stress breathing”: high, fast, shallow.  Go low, slow, and deep for sixty seconds, five times a day, and you will begin to shift the way YOU respond to stress.  This can make a huge difference in your life.   Being shy is fine. Being limited by it is non-optimal.

Its never too late to have a happy, healthy childhood.


Namaste, Steve




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