Spiritual Inertia


It is hard to change, on multiple levels.  Our egos think they are us, and resist like crazy.  And the tool they most often use is overwhelm.  You see, in most arenas, single answers are not enough, and as soon as you tell people that solving their problem will take complex solutions over time, they become vulnerable to delusion or avoidance.


  1. Body.  Want to lose weight?   You’ll need to control BOTH calories in AND out, and aim at losing no more than 1-2 pounds a week.   About 95% of errors attempt some other path.
  2. Money: you need to BOTH aim at producing more income AND but expenses.  To save 10%k of your salary.  Adjust the percentage if necessary, but this psychological shift is critical.
  3. Relationshps.   You need to balance the male and female aspects of yourself, and love them both while simultaneously grasping that each approach to life is only partial: they need each other.  You have to look at other balances as well: fear and love, “Child” and “Ancient”.   Resolve them, and you heal your heart and begin the process of growth.
  4. Career: you have to BOTH improve the quality/quantity of your output AND improve your marketing and sales.  If you aren’t making the money you crave, an hour a day each on quality and marketing will take you to the next level within a year.


The sad thing is all the excuses people will come up with, excuses they would never accept from their own children.  They focus on one or the other aspect, or expect miracles in weeks when they have avoided responsibility for years or decades.   The “Machine” of a story a week/every other week while reading 10X as much, sending them in for publication has, as of this writing, never failed to produce publication within 100 stories.   Everyone who has followed it has succeeded.  Hard?   You bet.  Worth while?  You have to decide.


But if you want love, success, health, happiness…you have to change your daily actions, use a balanced approach, love yourself, and allow time to do its work.  Learn constantly, take responsibility for your success, raise your standards, and constantly model the actions and attitudes of people who have accomplished your goals.


Yes, it is complicated.  That’s life.  But if you do these things long enough, they become “simple.”  Habit.  Chop wood, carry water.  About thirty days of daily action will begin this process, which is why we say: give yourself a month.   Choose a single one of these four arenas, and a goal you could reach if you just kept your word to yourself every day for 30 days.  Go after it, but love yourself, because you WILL fall off the horse, and if you cannot forgive yourself, that is another tool your ego will use to stop you from progressing.


It’s up to you.




(if you’d like help designing and supporting your 30 day goals, please join us at Lifewriting Premium.   WWW.LIFEWRITE.COM)


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