Can I count on your help?

As you know, we’re launching the Lifewriting Premium site ( where I’ll have a chance to give people more personalized attention, as well as give access to our best products for a fraction of the usual cost.  Its the most effective and efficient way I can think of to change the world–my goal is one million awake aware adult human beings, and the specific method will be by nurturing a community of one thousand awake aware adult entrepreneurial artists and artistic entrepreneurs, people who want to build lives balanced in body, mind, spirit, and finances–and help heal and change the world.

And this is where I need your help.  I’m building a COMMUNITY, not a soap-box.   The very best way to establish value is a personal recommendation.  Word of mouth.   “Testmonials.”   For years I’ve reported back what the territory looks like along my path, and many of you have said that my bloggings, comments, techniques, coaching, or products have been of use to you in your lives.  If (and ONLY if) you would recommend such things as:

The Ancient Child
The Daily Ritual
Firedance Tai Chi

Or the other roads up this mountain, I would deeply appreciate it if you would send me a few sentences about your experiences, how you were helped, what you think of my approach and why you would recommend it.  Your comments might have to do with writing (have you improved? Finished more work?  Published? Won awards?), relationships (healed your heart, found love, released pain or fear), Finances, or body (grown stronger, healed, improved sleep, lost weight or gained muscle?  Progressed in martial arts?)

If any of these things describe your life as a result of our interactions, you can help other people by sharing your journey.   These comments will be posted on my blog, with your name.

If you would be so kind, please send your brief comments to:

If you sent me a recommendation within the last year, it may have gotten swamped in my email pile, which is why I’ve created this new address, so that we can collect them in one place.  In that case, please re-send your kind comments to

Only people who have actually used the techniques, and actually gotten positive results, please.  It is CRITICAL that every step I take here be totally honest, transparent, and above-board.  There is so much fraud and charlatanism in the world, so many illusions. So much Fool’s Gold.  People have been hurt and disappointed, and have so many damned good reasons not to extend faith.

But if you would recommend this path, these teachings to your brothers or sisters, or your own younger self…then I humbly ask you to help me tell those who would benefit from this approach that here they will find safe harbor, people who genuinely care about them, and an honest exchange of value for value.

We can change the world together, but no one can do it alone

Thank you so very much

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