Focus and Flow

I think we’ve reached the critical mass we’ve been waiting for over on the Lifewriting site (, where the conversations and questions are organic to the experience, and I can actually do my daily blog entry about specific issues.   Wow. So much fun!   I will be selecting one every day and going into detail on it.  Here’s one from “Lou”…



I’m unsure if this is the correct group in which to post what I’m about to post; apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong spot. How does one…


“Gather tools to help you create laser-like concentration so you can dive into flow state if you only have 30 minutes instead of four hours…”


This was one of many intriguing lines in Tananarive Due’s download secretstoawriterslifebonus.pdf. I’m love the doc. Great essays and useful insights.


Now I’d love to know more about creating laser-like concentration — that’s something I used to have but feel has degenerated over the past three years. I’m very keen to get it back.


What are these tools of which this wonderful PDF speaks?



Fabulous question.  Thank you!    Here is what we suggest for all newbies to the site:

Choose a goal you can accomplish in 30 days IF you are totally on-point. The intention here is not just to accomplish it, but to perform a “diagnostic” on your ability to:

  1. Keep your commitments to yourself
  2. Time manage
  3. Focus
  4. Flow
  5. Research
  6. Network


Or anything else that holds you back from accomplishing your dream.  Sure, “Luck” factors in there.  But unless you have EXTRAORDINARILY bad luck, you will have opportunities.  Sure, resources can limit you, but if you have the time and internet access to read these words, that’s probably more rationale than reason.


So…what do you do?


  1. Define your thirty day goal.
  2. Set up your Daily Ritual.  This is a combination of movement (walking works great) while speaking affirmations and declaring/visualizing/feeling goals AT THE SAME TIME.    10-20 minutes of this, with passion and commitment, is just an astounding way to start your day.
  3. Five times a day, once every three hours, stop and breathe deeply and slowly for 60 seconds.  This is called the “Five Minute Miracle” or 5MM.
  4. All of the above is “focus.”  Now comes the “flow.”   Every morning and night, as you fall asleep and just as you awaken, you enter the “hypnogogic state”, half-way between sleep and wake.  It is a kind of dreamy reality, a version of the “flow” state that artists enter to write or paint, yogis seek in asana, Tai Chi masters seek in motion, runners seek in “runner’s high.”   Download the “Ancient Child” meditation (look in “Free Stuff”) and listen to it, and start visualizing that “child” when you first awaken, and before you go to sleep.  
  5. Deliberately seek out this same “feeling” in other aspects of your life.  Deliberately seek to trigger it during your 5MM sessions.
  6. If you want to intensify this, actually sit up in bed after you awaken and spend your first 10-20 minutes listening to your heartbeat and deliberately seeking to replicate this gauzy, hazy sense…while simultaneously focusing. This is tricky, a little like balancing on a rope, but with practice you’ll get it.
  7. If you need more help, use the “Warrior Sleep” MP3, also available at the Free Stuff tab.


Hope that that helps.  The ability to focus and flow on demand is one of the doorways to excellence.  Balanced excellence leads to self-discovery and adulthood.   Self-discovery reveals the wounds and blockages that stop you from awakening. And awakening leads to  a transformed personal world, which allows you to share that discovery with others, and affect wider change, propagating light like yeast added to bread dough…


Everything is connected. Start with thirty days. Start with five minutes of breathing.


Go for it!






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