Loving the Inner Child

We had one reader who took about four days to access her “inner child” aspect, but when she did, it was a magnificent experience for her. That aspect, constructed of the “light” you find within your mental image, represents your true, loving, creative, energetic self, something you may not have contacted for decades. The technique is designed to “wire around” the damage that occurs to us as we move through life. Contact that “child” and you can
1) Provide yourself the love and nurturance you seek from others.
2) Access your creativity and “aliveness” in an astonishing way.
The following factors have been found to damage this connection. If you can think of others, I’d appreciate adding to the list:
1) Child abuse
2) Rape or molestation
3) Parental conflicts or neglect
4) Violation of creative integrity.
5) Bad relationship choices
6) Chronic illness
7) Alcoholism and drug addiction
8) Abandoning childhood dreams
9) Depression and anxiety
10) Fatigue
The usefulness of separating out these “parts” is enormous. Most of us will be more protective of others, especially children, than we are to ourselves. By visualizing a child self, we can commit to “protecting” and loving it in ways profound and varied.
The whole notion that taking care of yourself is “selfishness” is, in my experience, most often taught by people trying to manipulate your behavior to their own ends. But when you love and care for yourself FIRST, “pay yourself first” emotionally as you should financially and physically, you begin to overflow with love. A healed heart NATURALLY expands. When you see a stunted heart, it is a clear sign that something ugly happened along the way.
People who say “I was never loved and protected” have deleted critical information from their consciousness. NO HUMAN BEING who is old enough to read these words was not loved and protected. Children who are totally denied affectionate contact wither and die. Period.
Dig deep enough, long enough, and you will make contact with the “light” within you. Nurture it as you would a spark, feeding it “tinder” and protecting it from the winds of chance. Slowly build that spark into a blaze. Then…feed it your fears.


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