The Dynamic Sphere

The combination of the Hero’s Journey and the Chakras, forming an X and Y axis of a dynamic sphere of human behavior and personal evolution (no, I can’t quite wrap my mind around what the Z axis might be.) was a stupendous breakthrough for me, made about 20 years ago. It allowed me to tap into cultural wisdom tracking back before recorded history (the HJ) and combine it with six thousand years of Yogic psychology.

That has proven to be an incredibly stable platform for speculation, a scary reliable road-map for change and growth. Identify a wound, then diagram an HJ for a character to heal that wound. You’ve seen countless movies and television episodes and read countless books dealing with all seven major levels of existence. You have a thousand maps for each.

What commitment does the character have to make? What damage and fear to overcome? What is the journey they must take? What allies and abilities will they need? What is likely to be the greatest crushing defeat along the way? What kind of faith will they need to get back up and keep going? And what gift can they give the world afterwards to help smooth the path for others?

Apply this to any issue in your life, and you will see things very differently.

Really an amazing process.


Steven Barnes



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