“The Shallows” (2016)


A terrific little B-movie, this story of a damsel in distress couldn’t be simpler: Blake Lively plays a surfer girl trapped on a rock, just 200 meters offshore from a deserted Mexican beach, by a great white shark with a grudge.    Yes, it gets a bit silly by the end. But no, they never go too far, never cop out, never give her an easy answer.  She is courageous, athletic, smart, focused, and possessed of an internal world and a connection to loved ones it seems she may never see again.

Her body is excellent, but never fetishized–while her power and grace in motion are certainly action-movie top-notch.  And don’t expect Prince Charming to rescue m’lady.  Either she saves herself from this monster, or she’s lunch.

The very definition of a popcorn movie.  Had a really great time, and they never promised more  than they delivered.   If this is the movie you came to see, it’s a B+.




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