Letter to my younger self: Core Transformation


The M.A.G.I.C. ritual says to generate positive emotions in the beginning of the day, to START with the emotions most people hope to END with.   Hopefully you can see the utility in this, so long as it is combined with action.  Now let’s back up and see the first time I grasped the phenomenal importance of this.


Decades back a boyhood friend, Dan Pinal, told me about something called “Core Transformation” he swore had changed his life.  I checked it out.  It was created by a lady named Connirae Andreas of NLP Comprehensive in Colorado.  Now NLP is a discipline that studies effective inter-personal and intra-personal communication.  It is powerful but generally amoral and sterile, as neutral as a scalpel.   It can be used as easily for unethical seduction as to motivate yourself to increase your income or model a new behavior.  I was REALLY good at it at one time (remind me to tell you about a time I talked a guy out of committing suicide) and was a little scared, because I knew I wasn’t ethical enough to have that kind of power.  So…I put it away until I could evolve a bit.


But Core Transformation was immediately different.  It is the only “spiritual” application of the techniques I’ve ever seen, and powerful as hell.


Here’s the idea: behind every behavior, no matter how negative, is a positive intent.   Hell, a SPIRITUAL intent.    NO MATTER HOW NEGATIVE.  Yes, I understand how that sounds.   Crazy.


But once I listened to several audiotapes of the process applied to felons, then tried it on myself, and then on a few clients dealing with serious negative behaviors, I saw what they were saying, and it stunned me.   Here’s a for-instance, a reworking of a session with a man who beat an old woman to death for twenty dollars.


The subject was serving something like thirty years after multiple offenses.  They were dropped into a trance (to facilitate deep relaxation) and then the following conversation took place:


Q: Why did you kill that woman?

A: Because the bitch was screaming.

Q: And what if she had stopped screaming without violence?

A: Then I would have taken that money and gotten out of there.

Q: And if you had the money you wanted, what then?

A: Shit, I’d have been able to pay my rent. But she only had twenty bucks. I might have killed her just because I was pissed.

Q: But if you’d gotten all the money you needed, what then?

A: I’d party, man!  It would be great.  I’d have my friends over, and some ladies, and we’d have a great time.

Q: and if you had all the friends and sex you wanted, what then?

A: Man, I’d be the big man.  Yeah, I’d like that.  Feel connected. (and here, at this point, when the conversation shifts to internal states, the voice begins to shift and soften–just a hair)

Q: And if you had all the sense of connection to your friends you wanted, what then?

A: (slight pause) Then…I wouldn’t…feel lonely.

Q: And if you never felt lonely again, what then?

A: (Pause).  I wouldn’t have to watch my back. I’d have people to watch my back.

Q: and you’d be safe?

A: (Pause) I guess so.   (Pause) I’m not sure I even know what that feels like.

Q: And if you felt totally safe, maybe for the first time in your life, what then?

A: (long pause.  Sigh, like air escaping from a balloon).  I…I don’t know.  Maybe…maybe I’d be able to put my fists down.

  1.  Ah. And if you didn’t feel like you had to fight all the time, were under threat all the time, if you felt protected and safe, what then?

A: (long pause).  I’d…just be able to be myself, you know?  I(Voice softens).  I’d…I mean, I’m not a bad guy.  I’m just trying to get along.  I could let people see that.

Q: And if you were able to share your real self with the world, what then?

A: I could have real friends, man.   Just like family.  Like family is supposed to be.  I’d feel…cool.

Q: and if you could feel as cool, and safe, and protected, and loved…what then?

A: Life would just be…you know.  Like its supposed to be. I could just…I mean, if people shared with me, I could, y’know…I could just let it go. (DEEP SIGH.)

Q: And if you could just let it go.  Feel totally safe.   Share who you really are.  What then?

A: I could just…be…safe.  Cool.   Maybe feel loved?   Yeah.  Peaceful.

Q: And if you could just feel as peaceful as you wanted…what then?

A: I could just…be.  Just be…love.


I swear to you, I’ve seen, and practiced this process personally on heinous crimes: murder, child abuse, theft, assault, rape, marital cheating, all manner of things.  And no matter what the crime, if you dig into the base of it, the motivation is fear, and lack and perception of separation from what might be called “the divine”.  Might also be considered the state of peace we experienced pre-birth in the womb.   That no matter what the crime, the violence, if you peel it back far enough, you find that yearning for peace, love, connection.


What of pure predators?   I honestly don’t know.  It is possible that I’ve never practiced this on one of those.  But what I can say is that predators who are not hungry get quite peaceful.  What about an insane predator?   I would try a model:  that their sense of threat is so ingrained that they can’t turn that button off.  But if they could?   That they would follow the same path toward peace.


Am I being a Pollyanna about this?  Possibly.  But if you think that someone who has spent almost fifty years of his life learning how to dismantle the human body is a “Pollyanna” then our definitions are a little different.  IF you start with a commitment to protect yourself, and not allow yourself to be hurt, then you might be able to experiment with the possibility that the horrors we see in the world are triggered by fear, and that if the fear was diminished…the natural state of Man is love.


Certainly countless great spiritual leaders have said this.  I confess that I’ve yet to encounter an evil, no matter how vile, that doesn’t yield to this process and philosophy, that cannot be understood as a corruption of perceptions and attempts to feel safe, comfortable, and connected.


Now…what is the application of this that I’d have recommended to my own younger self?


  1. Within myself. Forgive yourself Steve, for the petty cruelties, lies, dishonesty.   You were doing the best you could with the resources you had.  Love yourself, and begin all interactions with others from that loving place.
  2. With others.   Remember that they are doing the best they can as well. That the more dishonest they are with you, the more dishonest they are probably being to themselves. Their reality maps are warped, which means they have a diminished chance to reach their goals.   And on some level they understand, and feel lost, which will generate fear and anger.    Be loving, but also remember that drowning swimmers will take down the life guard, and that some people are so far from the source of their love and peace that you cannot reach them in the time frame you have to prevent violence…so keep your guard. Surround yourself with people you CAN trust, based upon their previous behaviors.  And if you don’t have them…be sure you can trust yourself.
  3. With the human race as a whole.  Look at history.   No matter what horror you see, choose a typical perpetrator of the horror and in your imagination, run them through this process.


And here is where the magic comes in.  IF you can supply the sense of love and connection they were seeking, that became corrupted in the process of twisting their reality maps into a knot, you can lead them. Why? BECAUSE THEY NEVER WANTED THE MONEY, OR THE POWER OVER OTHERS.  WHAT THEY WANTED WAS THE FEELING OF LOVE, CONNECTION, PEACE AND SAFETY they believed they would have if they committed the actions, got the goodies.


Back to the first statement: if you START the day with the emotions you seek, you have won. You don’t need to warp your reality map, twist your ethic, hurt other people, because you have found the source of peace within you. It is independent of income or external circumstance.  People have found this on the torture table, the execution wall, the cancer ward, in the midst of the absolute worst circumstances imaginable, SOMEONE has found peace, and love, and connection.  Those who do, who discover this, become the most powerful and transformative human beings on the planet.  


Once you find this, experience this, people and events cannot take it from you. And you can “run the line” back and forth.  You examine everything you do for the RESULT you are hoping to get…which is always an emotional change.  You don’t want money. You want the emotions you think you’ll get if you have the money.   START with those emotions, and then ask what actions you can take that are in alignment with your true values that will provide value to others, show them that value, and then have the self-respect to demand what you are worth (and in the process give THEM permission to ask what THEY are worth) and you will make money in direct proportion to the value you are perceived as giving to the world.  But you BEGIN with the positive feelings you thought you had to “perform” to have.


The same is true in every other arena.  This process, CORE TRANSFORMATION is one of the most powerful thought-sequences in the world, and once you have experienced it a few times, and applied it a few times, it will transform your life, and open the door to a new way of being.


Yes, I wish I could go back into the past and give it to myself at, say…fifteen years old.   But thank God I have it now.






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