One Person at a time

I believe in America, and humanity.  Even when I’ve lost faith in myself, I’ve never, ever lost faith in our country.   It has not lived up to its potential, or its aspirations…but they were so amazingly high.

The chaos we see in our political life is, in my mind, nothing more than the fear and anger of people forced to awaken to the gap between “what is” and what they imagined the world to be.  When our map fails to correspond to our reality, and we are attached to the map, we suffer.

All will be well.  We have survived worse, because the reality is not terrible.  The reality, under all the fear and frustration, is love.  Be strong.  Forgive yourself for not being perfect: at every moment of your life you’ve done the best you can do.   Then extend that courtesy to the beings around you, loving them as you love yourself.

These two foundational steps are so critical that if you simply concentrate upon them, you will transform your life, and the lives of those around you.  You need do nothing more to be an awake, aware, adult human being.

For those who enjoy the world as it evolves…wake up. The reality is even better.

For those trapped in the nightmare gap between reality and The Matrix…wake up.  You need not suffer for sins you never committed, or fight phantoms of future disaster that will never materialize. The here and now has all the life and love you’ve ever sought.




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