How You Can Help

I am often asked why I spend so much of my time sharing these   insights into personal development and social realities. Answering questions, participating in sometimes stressful discussions.

The answer is simple: I feel called to.  

And over the last year, that drive has increased, as greater clarity was achieved in the specific arena of race relations in America.   That clarity suggested not only that there was an answer, but that the time for that answer was NOW, and it was possible to mark out a path that was divorced from politics while acknowledging and empowering those of political bent.

The answer was the Five-Part plan I’m still refining, and have been testing in various forms for the last few years.   And my vehicle is a book, the current plan to integrate this 5-Point idea into “Think And Grow Rich”, arguably the greatest study of success ever written. I’ve spent sixty years thinking about these things, and it is just possible that that much thought, over that much time, has borne fruit.  Time will tell.

But whether one is a SJW or a Libertarian who just wants to be on the right side of history, this path is one of personal growth, healing and development that leads to the loving, healthy society we all desire for ourselves and our grandchildren literal or figurative.

What if you “just” want to increase your own success? Lose weight?  Find love?  Well…fantastic.   Motivation is a huge power in accomplishment, and the more reasons you have to succeed, the easier it is to take the daily actions necessary to do so. That is just the truth.

My writing?  It connects to finance, family, and physical energy (enabling the time and resource to learn and practice martial arts and yoga)

My Family?  Everything I do for my family empowers my writing and physical practices.

My fitness and martial skills?  Motivated by love and intellectual curiosity.

EVERYTHING I do is connected to EVERYTHING else.  In that way, it requires little discipline to perform my daily tasks.  It is just what I do.

Chop wood, carry water.  But the most trivial tasks connect to, and contribute to, the highest aspirations. And the highest aspirations become rooted in our daily activities.

Every breath, every step, every word, every action.   We are the sum total of what we do.  The human world is the sum total of the human beings within it.  Everything you do…matters.

I’m putting about half my time and creative energy into this, I feel that kind of urgency.  And I want to do it in a way that requires no investment of anything except your emotions and intents.

If and ONLY if you find what I am doing of value, and if and ONLY if you have the resources, there is a simple way you can participate:  consider donating to my blog page.  This is definitely “income” for me, and will be treated as such.  That means I can spend time on this without taking energy or resources away from my precious family.

The knowledge is free, always, absolutely, but the  Dream world, the world of consensus reality, runs on money. That’s just the reality of it.

So the “donate” button is on the right side of page, and if you   consider and   the knowledge I am offering to be of value to you, please support this effort.  I believe that, together, we can change the world.   

Thank you so much…



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