#5: Imagination

“The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. The impulse, the DESIRE, is given shape, form, and ACTION through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind.” —Napoleon Hill

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8htXVY0pVmw (full audiobook)


I have a dream of taking everything I’ve learned over the course of my life and transferring it in the simplest possible form (as simple as possible, but no simpler) to a generation wishing to rise above the past, and embrace a bountiful future. 

I’ve struggled myself, made mistakes, course corrected and gotten back up, reinvented myself, failed and accomplished much.  And looking at all of that, knowing that in another twenty years I’ll look back and realize that I was right about X and wrong about Y, want desperately to avoid passing my mistakes on to others, even those I’m not aware of at the moment.

So the idea is to use the single greatest secular “self help”k book ever written as the basis, so that people can see where my journey began, study the original information and methodology, and make their own judgements about whether the technologies and ideas I’ve gathered and generated make sense, and will work for them.  My personal teachings have reached many thousands of people, but TAGR has changed millions of lives.  I may have the ego to believe I can help people, but not that I can possibly supplant such a stupendous work.

So please, PLEASE, follow one or both of the links above.  Listen to the audiobook, or download the FREE PDF.  Then join us in these explorations, designed specifically to simultaneously:

1) Heal the emotions.

2) Heal individual finances and advance our deepest dreams to create a sense of abundance.

3) Awaken our adventurous, protective spirit.

4) Expand our sense of connection to those around us, and our loving connection to the world.

5) Teach us to identify allies in creating “masterminds” and to avoid the “sleeping”. 

6) To identify, isolate or defeat, through individual effort or the building of powerful coalitions, the “smiling monsters” who would destroy our individual dreams, or lives.

7) To be so congruent, from action to emotion to thought to spiritual commitment, that everything we do or say becomes a beacon, a lesson, a path to healing, abundance, love, and life to all who observe us…without our conscious effort.

That’s quite a dream.   Every part of my “me” feels too small to do this.  And yet…and yet my imagination tells me it is possible, and that I have to do all I can to bring it into existence, and that if I do I will have fulfilled a very special aspect of my purpose in life.

I can imagine it, and must do all I can to accomplish it or have not been true to my own purpose, and the gifts I’ve been given. It will be up to others to decide if I have succeeded, or that the effort was worth while.

So…this fifth principle of TAGR has to do with the way our mental function interacts with our actions to create our lives.

Over and over again, this book lays out the ways others through history have used mind, emotion, action, mastermind alliances, and so forth to maximize your chances of success.  The “M.A.G.I.C.” Formula is a way of remembering  the most basic aspects of this.

Magic = Action X Gratitude X Intentions X Conviction.

Action= daily tasks, doing the work.  IMAGINATION means being able to see the path that must be walked to reach your goal.

Gratitude=generating the positive emotions that fight anger, fear and despair, as well as give meaning to life itself.  IMAGINATION allows us to find things that are real, identify with them powerfully enough to experience positive emotions, and then “imagine” that these same emotions are experienced in connection with things that haven’t happened yet!

Intentions= the goals themselves.  IMAGINATION allows you to see things that don’t exist yet, and rise above your perceived limitations.

Conviction = faith. Belief that you, or your allies, or the divine forces of the universe are larger than your challenges. Imagination is required to “see” something that cannot be seen in a moment of despair.

Imagination is creativity, the capacity to re-arrange knowledge and observation to create new possibilities.  It is Problem solving, and the belief that problems can be solved.

The focus of this work is the Social Justice Warrior, the person who dreams of transformation of our political, educational, financial, moral or personal and social realities.   Only Imagination allows you to see those possibilities not currently sitting before us.

Imagination was what allowed a young boy whose father had failed in his creative career, whose mother warned him that the world would destroy him if he achieved, who was laughed at, beaten up, mocked in front of his peers by his teachers, warned in every way YOU CAN NOT HAVE YOUR DREAMS…

That somehow I could.   And did.  And now my focus is to correct the mistakes I made along the way…and also to share what I have learned with others.

I “imagine” that I can do these things. But when I combine that with emotions, I have FAITH.  Which is another chapter.


1) What do you IMAGINE your best and highest good would be in life?

2) What do you IMAGINE you could accomplish if you knew you could not fail?

3) What great good could you bring into the world if you were able to be your absolute best day after day?

I would love to see your answers!





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