War Dogs (2016)

I thought “War Dogs” was amusing and disturbing in equal measures. They did a better job than “Wolf of Wall Street” for helping you understand why the actions of these two low-rent arms dealers was not just dishonest but damaging and wrong. “Wolf” basically only showed you all the terrific fun DiCaprio had making tons of money, and never showed us the negative consequences or who any of it was hurting. “War Dogs” could have done better, but at least our protagonists were rather obviously less attractive and appealing,  (Jonah Hill is no DiCaprio by any stretch of the imagination)   and the situations they got into were less amusing and inviting. But it did enjoy walking a moral edge, and ends on one of those “what would YOU do?” situations.

The best line in the movie was in the coming attractions (although it certainly takes on a deeper meaning in context): Bradley Cooper’s uber-arms dealer saying: “I’m not a bad man. But in certain situations I have to ask myself: what would a bad man do?” That’s a great line, it really is. I’d probably give it a “B”.


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