When is knowledge power?

“As knowledge is acquired it must be organized and put into use, for a definite purpose, through practical plans. Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy end.”–Napoleon Hill

Every piece of this puzzle fits into all the others. 

Remember that you want your goals to dovetail with your values, and that you are committed to mastering your path.  Mastering your path includes the “student becomes the teacher” step, meaning that you know you are going to be at least a role model to others.   

1) You have tapped into your passion (desire) to create a goal, and have written out a statement of its pursuit and acquisition.  The passion should be such that you are willing to invest at least a thousand hours in its pursuit.  (In many cases you can get started with as few as ten hours of study, or a hundred. But a thousand will make you an expert in most activities.)

2) You have faith that you can and should pursue your goal.

3) You strengthen your faith through auto-suggesion (Daily Ritual, emotionalized affirmation, etc.)

4) And you gain SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE of the arena in which you have decided to invest your thousand hours.

How do you do this?  Model.   Study people who have achieved your goal, starting as close to your own point of origin as possible.  Determine their

1) Belief systems.  What do they beleive about the activity, and their capacity to master it?   In all probability they find it fascinating, valuable, in alignment with their values.  They believe they CAN and SHOULD do it.

2) Mental Syntax.  In what order do they perform their tasks? Build their careers? Writers usually read thousands of books before they begin to write. Then the formula:

A) Read 10X what you write

B) Write a story a week, or every other week

C) Put them in the mail, keep them in the mail

D) Don’t rewrite except to editorial request.

E) Repeat for 100 stories

Makes sense. It is a “Machine” that will take you to publication, as well as take you as close to your own optimal expression of craft and art.  There are similar “Machines” for almost any human activity you can name.  By studying successful people, you will build yours.

3) Use of physiology.  There are breathing and movement patterns that accompany different physical activities.  And that means anything you do in your body.  That means everything, so long as you are alive.   Patterns of diet, exercise, posture, facial expression…and on and on.

“Modeling” breaks down even more.  For a writer, again, the physical aspects are generalized (moderate fitness to provide energy, circulation, stress relief, etc.) but the mental aspects (spelling, grammar, structure, time management, market research, general knowledge) and belief systems (emotions: how do you deal with frustration, sloth, fear, boredom) are more primary.  In fact, there are countless thousands of books and classes dealing with them. Get started.  Build your plan.


What if you are just starting out in life, and have no specific skills and are looking for your first job?  Or a new job?

Gain specialized knowledge of the position you want.  Remember that you’ve created your goal, which is something you care about deeply enough to be willing to put in that thousand hours.  Maybe you want to become a lawyer. But to get there you have to work your way through school (at least partially…some would say you cannot work your way through a decent law school, you MUST have massive debt). 

So you need a job.   That means that:

1) You choose a job path that will teach you things that will help in your future position, teaching you about an industry, and so forth.  Or:

2) You choose a job you can get, that makes decent money, and will support you while you make your other “moves” toward your dream.

In either case, you can either put in a lot of applications everywhere, or you can do the Think And Grow Rich approach:

1) Find a position you’d like, or an industry you’d like to work in and CREATE the position you want.

2) Study it until you can see very clearly what benefit you can bring to that business. Remember: a potential boss doesn’t care AT ALL that you need to pay the bills.  He needs to pay HIS bills, and the only, the ONLY reason he will hire you 99% of the time is that he believes you can help him do that.  Most people look for a job.  Separate yourself from the pack: give employers an opportunity to tap into your well of energy, enthusiasm, and intelligence. 

3)  Position yourself as the answer to their problems.  With your study, and your self knowledge, create a very clear document detailing how and why you can increase his income and decrease his stress. You are there to do something for HIM, not begging for “a paycheck.”

If there is one thing you have to get through your head, one thing CRITICAL to your financial success, it is this:

You are NOT in the business of being a doctor, a lawyer, a secretary, an auto repairman, a landscaper, a writer, a painter. Those are your skills, crafts, or art.

You ARE in the business of SELLING AND MARKETING your skill, craft, or art.   

Get this through your head.   Write it on an index card and tack it on the wall.  Look at it and read it aloud twice a day. 

And what is sales?  The transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another.  In other words, communicating the value.  Amatuer vacuum cleaner salesmen talk about features of the mechanical structure.  Pros paint a picture of clean homes, healthy children, and happy spouses.  THAT’S sales.

What is marketing?  Understanding the unique value you have to offer (your Unique Selling Proposition) and your perfect audience, the person who needs YOU (your “Avatar”).

Once you’ve found this person? Selling to them is merely a matter of convincing them that they will get more pleasure from dealing with you than pain.  That taking a chance on you is worth the risk.

The only way to do that is to KNOW THEIR BUSINESS. What do they make? What service do they provide? What are the steps in making that service, or developing the skills to provide the service?

And remember what THEIR real business is: selling their product or service.

Do you really, really want to be constantly employed?  Be a DAMNED good salesperson and/or marketer.   This means not only being able to sell a product or service, but being able to sell a prospective employer that you can help them do precisely that.

Too many people have a very negative attitude toward sales, and it kills their ability to function in the business world. They have no confidence in their ability to move from one job to another (to “sell themselves”).  And as a result must take whatever they are offered.

ANY business will hire you if they BELIEVE that you will bring in two hundred dollars for every hundred dollars they pay you, at no increase in stress for them.  They would be IDIOTS not to.  Wouldn’t you pay a hundred dollar to get two hundred?  How many times a day would you make THAT transaction?

That’s the position you need to put a prospective employer in.   SALES IS A TRANSFER OF ENTHUSIASM FROM ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER.  If all you have to sell is personal services, you must BELIEVE in yourself.   Know that you can add value.  If you haven’t skills, then have ENERGY, HONESTY, CREATIVITY, LOYALTY.  If you have a hard time believing in yourself, use AUTO-SUGGESTION to drown out the negative voices.   By gathering SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE of the chosen arena, you are walking in with ideas and value before they’ve even trained you.

(Be careful here…you must also “empty your cup”–be willing to learn, to put aside what you think you know about the busness, because even if you’ve worked in a shoe store before, a new store will have its own processes and systems.)

But more than anything else, more than EVERYTHING else when it comes to making money, understand that statement: YOU ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF PROVIDING   GOODS OR SERVICES.  YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING AND MARKETING GOODS AND SERVICES.

Focus your acquisition of specialized knowledge on this. On finding a way to fall in love with sales and marketing.  Here’s a hint: if you were selling antibiotics in a fever ward, wouldn’t you believe in what you were doing?  Wouldn’t you see the value?  Wouldn’t you communicate that value to the doctors or patients in every way you could, if you cared about those people?

Would you sell your product or service to your mother, brother, sister, children?  Would you use it yourself? Then what PRECISELY is the obstacle?

And if you wouldn’t…WHY NOT?   If you are selling crap goods and services, IMPROVE. Study. Find something new to sell.  If you haven’t the skill or smarts to create something find someone who can, and offer your loyalty and energy to them.

Study sales and marketing.  It is a distinct skill, separate from the skill of “doing the thing” and if you master it, you will never be without a job, and always be in demand.  SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE in this specific arena will bring you more money than any other part of the equation.    Think of all the people you know who cannot sell themselves.  Even if they are smarter or more talented than you, you can out-perform them financially if you are better at selling yourself.  Of course, you also need to increase the value of your product or service, constantly seek to improve this…but even if you HAVE no product to sell, if you have mastered the service of sales, all you have to do is find someone with a product or service, offer them your skills, demonstrate them by starting on commission, and bingo, instant job.  Zero risk for them, and zero risk for you–IF YOU TRUST YOUR SKILLS.

This is the critical pressure point specifically for money: sales and marketing.  Once you master it the world changes. Gain that specialized knowledge in this specialized area, I beg you.

Master it.  And then…teach others, by the example of your success if nothing else.




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