A Five-Fold Path to healing

After almost sixty years of contemplation, I honestly believe I have come as close as I can come to finding a way out of our current social maze, a way to cut the Gordian Knot.   What I asked my unconscious for was an approach to change that works AUTOMATICALLY on either a personal or social level, without ideology or politics being necessary, but supporting any ethical and positive use of either if that is the tendency of the individual.
It would have to apply to simply succeeding…or battling any negative “ism” or promoting any cause or position.  That means racism, sexism, homophobia, and anything else I could think of.   There had to be a minimum of moving parts, and I set it at the low end of the amount of data people can handle at one time: five.      It is a five-point plan that can be used by individuals, families, or groups, and requires nothing more than the willingness to succeed in life, be healthy and happy and loved.  Basically, the five steps (which should  be addressed in order) are:
1) Love yourself.  Deal with your personal stress and commit to being the happy, loving person you were born to be.
2) Expand your sense of “self” to include others.  The Koisan belief in “num” covers this: the concept that there is one soul looking out through many eyes.
3) Understand human behavior and world history without guilt, blame, or shame.  Rise above the dualities, and see that if you can forgive yourself, you can forgive other human beings for the terrible things we do and have done to ourselves…and each other.  Human beings have done the best we can, given how we mobilize fear with anger, and that most social rules are not about individual rights, but getting the maximum number of grandchildren into the next generation.     We can now do much better, but to do so we have to understand how we got here, and  without rancor. This is only possible if you start with the first two steps.
4) Gather your tribe.  You don’t need everyone in the world to agree with you. We only need to create “Mastermind” groups, people aligned for the good of all, working in a spirit of loving  harmony for mutual benefit and welfare.  Awakened Adults. I BELIEVE THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY, WE HAVE THAT CRITICAL MASS.  The truth of common spiritual unity is emerging, and it SCARES THE PISS OUT OF SOME.   Their anger is the result.      Most of these people are just asleep.  Let them sleep.  Be kind to them as, with a combination of love and strength we take back the world, building a world that will work for all our grandchildren. But…we have to be aware that there are snakes, smiling monsters who are not “asleep”… they are genuinely evil.  I’d say this is less than 1%.  But we must be strong enough to confront them. We can do that by being committed, loving ourselves enough to stop taking shit, but loving others enough to be compassionate…but also strong enough to step on a snake if it tries to slither into the nursery. Remember that your “Master Mind” must be people working together in a spirit of PERFECT HARMONY.  If in relationship, they need to believe in love. If in busienss, they need to believe you can and should succeed, and be willing to lend their own perspectives and resources to your victory (and you must be willing to reciprocate, of course!) In social change, detect snakes by asking if they believe in human equality, and work to phrase your simple question so that a bigot cannot honestly say “yes.” At that point you have them trapped, and can simply ask them to align their attitudes and actions with that belief.  If they do not or cannot, you know what you’re dealing with.
5) SUCCEED.  Nothing, NOTHING is as attractive as success, health, happiness, love.  Especially when we see someone who is successful, in a loving relationship AND healthy all in alignment with their deepest values. Such people have a “light” inside them.  Everyone wants to know how they do it!  This is the way to teach directly or indirectly through example.
In other words, if you seek to succeed, be happy and healthy and loved…you can use your most selfish drives to change the world for the better.
In late July I woke up from a dream of having swum across an oily river to the far shore, and realized that it felt like I had an answer, not just for “how did we get here?”  but “how do we move forward?” with power, love, grace, and consciousness. the practical and the spiritual in one divine braid.   But then I asked myself: how do I share this?  I decided to use THINK AND GROW RICH, which is now in the public domain, to annotate a complete edition of it weaving these ideas in so that anyone, from a successful business person to someone mired in the inner city, can either align their business with spirit and community service, or lift themselves out of poverty have they the will and heart to do so.
I have a very specific goal: to create ONE MILLION awake, aware adult human beings.  Loving and powerful.   Changing the world but respectful of the rights and humanity even of those too asleep to see the truth. And strong enough to protect the innocent from the Smiling Monsters who walk among us.
It is critical that, if my reasoning is flawed, that people poke holes in it NOW.  Where am I wrong? What am I not considering?
I ask for your comments.

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