The “Inner Elder”

On one end of the “Ancient Child” equation (sink this down to your tailbone, or keep it in your heart) is the image of the largest human being you can create out of the light you “see” within your body during meditation. This represents your healed, undamaged self. It contains all of your energy, enthusiasm, creativity, hope, dreams, and joy.

At the other end (the crown of the head, or in your heart) is the “Inner Elder.” You, on your deathbed. Remember the Sufi proverb: “Enlightenment is the door of perception that opens at the moment of death. The Seeker attempts to open this door before they arrive.”

This “self” is beyond the need for ego, lies, greed, approval, or petty fear. It holds the key to your deepest values, the things ACTUALLY more important to you. Do your research: study the words of people on their last days on earth, breathing their last breaths. What do THEY say was important? What are their regrets? Study these things–it would be a disservice to make my own list. I have no interest or need to guide your thoughts or support an agenda, other than showing a way to open your eyes, if you have the will to do so.

Once you have come to a conclusion about the things actually most important to these departing souls, you need to ask yourself questions:

1) Do you believe they were lucid? Aware?

2) What do they wish they could return to their childhood, or early adulthood, and say to their younger selves? Do you believe their lives would have been happier if they could have done so?

3) If what they consider important at the end is contrary to the way they lived their live, what is the difference? Why do you think this difference exists?

4) If you detect a common thread of perception, and it touches your heart, is it aligned with your own daily activities and beliefs? If you continue to live as you have, will you have regrets?

5) The “Ancient Child” paradigm is designed in part to clarify your childhood dreams AND your “deathbed values”. Your task as an adult is to align your daily activities such that they align with BOTH of these, PLUS your adult obligations.

If you can fulfill your adult obligations while protecting your childhood dreams and remaining true to the values you will hold in the last moments of your life… that’s about as good as life gets. If it is true that the meaning of life is to seek happiness, you win the game.

Every morning, briefly contact both of these primary sources of aliveness and wisdom. If the child needs healing and comfort, love her. If the elder has something to teach you or share, listen. And ESPECIALLY, listen to any conversations between the two. Write letters between them, using your non-dominant hand. Cultivate intuition, wisdom, clarity, by imagining yourself beyond the need to chase after fame, money, sex, or power. Now, if you want to play the GAME of pursuing these things, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with playing Monopoly. But only a sleeping child thinks they can live on Boardwalk or Park Place.


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