The November Firedance Workshop is open!


Finally!   I’ve been juggling so many projects that I had to step back and realize I’d neglected some of the ROOTS of the entire process!   If the “Five Fold” approach to personal success and cultural healing begins with self-love, then we HAVE to take care of ourselves, protect our hearts, minds, and bodies.  Only then can we let FEAR have its appropriate place in our lives, only then can we make healthy love-bonds with a soulmate, or partnership with a Mastermind partner.   That is the core that makes it possible to look deep within our hearts, forgive ourselves and realize that we, and all human beings have done the best they can, see how we arrived in our current straits, and plan and act to move forward.  And only if you have that balance and internal connection can you access the survival drive which is the blazing core of creative life force, the unshielded “reactor” that powers all struggle for existence, all art, all urge to build and grow in life.   


That is the part the Smiling Monsters do NOT want to encounter, are afraid to stand up to.   That is what will protect your heart, your family, your tribe.  That is what makes it possible to succeed.


The FIREDANCE Tai Chi workshop is designed to take the wonderful knowledge gained from over forty years of body-mind training, and compact “The Difference That Makes The Difference” into a single day’s workshop.  I’ll be talking more about it over the next weeks, but early registration is now OPEN!!

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5TH, FROM 9-5 PM in Van Nuys California.

Suitable for all levels of experience.  Please join us!




“Master Barnes has… a presence. The kind that wakes one up to noticing that he is, in fact, present. At home, centered, grounded, happy with who and why he is. After decades on the heroes journey, he has successfully distilled the foundation to a single day’s work. Bless yourself. Claim the day. I had spent several years existing rather than living, hiding in my head and riding like an uncomfortable passenger above my body. Steven demonstrated, and guided me through, beginning to move back in to the body and heart homes I had left empty for so long in a safe, compassionate, and, yes, loving way. Show up for all the children hiding in your heart. Go do this workshop. Namaste'”–ROSS MURKER


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