Who needs the Firedance Tai Chi Workshop?


Who is the Firedance Tai Chi workshop for?   Well, I’d say only those who long to connect mind and body and emotions.  For years I taught “Lifewriting” workshops, using Joseph Campbell’s model of the Hero’s Journey to plan life in advance.  And the workshops were powerful.  But the one thing I knew was that people could open their hearts and awaken their minds, but unless they anchored this new reality in their bodies, nothing would change.


Then one day my Sufi friend Mushtaq said that he would never accept another student who did not have a physical discipline.  If my goal was to create ONE MILLION AWAKE, AWARE HUMAN BEINGS to change the world, then the safest thing to do was start at the BODY rather than the heart and mind.   To begin with those willing to learn to move with grace and power, to “feel” the world as any newborn baby does, exploring, feeling, absorbing the physics of the   world rather than hallucinating that your beliefs, politics, philosophies or anything else are real and effective without ever testing them in reality. That is delusion.


The body is real.   Tai Chi is the most popular exercise in the world, a doorway to caring for yourself (self-love) and connecting to others (push hands is an analogue for relationships and communication).  This foundation leads to everything else we could want in life.  It creates a foundation for integrating all of your philosophies and strategies, as well as aligning your emotions and clarifying your intentions.




Just the fact that they will try to tell you that you are NOT moving toward your goals at the very moment you are moving toward your goals automatically teaches you that those inner voices are lying to you.  This is the beginning of awakening.


But while I’ve taught world-class athletes, FIREDANCE is also appropriate for those at other stages of life, other ages and physical capacities.  A lovely lady names “Starshadow” attended our last workshop IN A WHEELCHAIR. Here’s what she said:

“–Attending the Firedance Tai Chi workshop was one of the best things I’ve done in recent history; Steve taught me so much and introduced me to my Ancient Child. I’m still applying the lessons I learned. Whether you’ve done a workshop with Steve or not, I can guarantee you’ll get something new, something precious, and a way to change your life for the better.

This workshop truly is for all levels of fitness and ability; I’m getting slightly more disabled every year and yet I can apply the breathing techniques and adapt the movements so that I can continue to gain benefits, every single day.

Do attend. I guarantee you’ll acquire a way to change your life. Steven is an exceptional teacher.”


Anyone who can control their breathing, who can follow direction (yes!  We’ve worked with the sight impaired!) is welcome.   Experienced martial artists?  Great!   Newcomers?  Great!   This isn’t “fitness” in the traditional sense–it is connecting mind and body, learning to use the greatest amount of YOUR capacity, not someone else’s, and not “what you used to be”.   Increasing energy, aliveness, joy, pleasure, focus and courage RIGHT NOW, starting from where you are.


In one day.   If this sounds interesting, JOIN US on November 5th in Van Nuys.   Learn more here:






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