Loving yourself is the starting point


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”— Lucille Ball


Monday is LOVE THYSELF day.  That’s right: love yourself. Deeply, fully, without reservation, as if you were your own most beloved child.


This is the beginning of everything. Without it, everything you try to accomplish in life will stand on shifting sand.  If you don’t love yourself, treasure yourself, know you are made of the same stuff as the stars, why discipline yourself?   Why have FAITH that you can accomplish beyond your current manifestations?  How can you have the courage to speak your truth?

How can you honestly and honorably fight for your rights?

Why not “settle” for whatever crumbs of affection or justice that are thrown your way?  Why discipline yourself to change your body, your relationships, your finances?  Why not allow others to tell you who and what you are?




Look at that sentence.  Imagine what you would do for your own child if she was trapped in a burning building. If a bully was threatening her.  If she was hurt, or tired, or afraid, and needed nurturance.  My guess is: WHATEVER IT TAKES.


This is what you need to give to yourself.  This is what it will take to go deep, deeper, deepest into your resources, tear away the lies and justifications that you’ve used to stop yourself from discovering who you really are.


Remember the two questions?  “Who am I?” and “What is true?”   My tribe is made up of those who believe we are love: worth sheltering, protecting, disciplining, nurturing.  ANYONE, any person, institution, group or ANYTHING that ever told you different was lying.


Really loving your child doesn’t mean accepting their bullshit. In fact, you know that accepting the lies and negative behaviors, tolerating the tantrums and allowing your child to dominate the household is an act of emotional cowardice: you are allowing your son or daughter to threaten you by withholding their affection or approval, and as a consequence they are unprotected, unguided, AND THEY KNOW IT. They know you are weak, and  will become even more erratic and disobedient, in a descending spiral until they either destroy themselves or finally run into someone or something strong enough to stop them.   Life itself. Or gravity. Or the limits of flesh. Or law enforcement.  This can be tragic.


And so it is with your ego.  Love yourself.  Your REAL self, not the collection of excuses you use to justify your sloth, cowardice, lack of focus, self-abuse, or lack of ambition.   This lack of self-regard is where you must begin, the cess pool beneath the palace of your dreams you MUST drain if you would build a strong and lasting structure.


How?  Two tools are Heartbeat Meditation and The Ancient Child.  But there are so many others: meditation, prayer, journaling, healthy movement, disciplined diet, all with the specific intent to love, nurture and support your deepest self.


Begin here.  You’re worth it.






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