It makes the world go ’round


Tuesday is LOVE SOMEONE ELSE day!

The emotion of love, in the human heart and brain, creates a favorable field of magnetic attraction, which causes an influx of the higher and finer vibrations which are afloat in the ether. “–Napoleon Hill


The second principle of the “Five Fold Path” to heal our world is to love another human being, deeply enough to bond and commit to them.  Remember the idea that “Faith, Love, and Sex” are the most powerful emotions, that together they can raise your “energies” to the level of genius?


Well, the biological bond between a man and woman is the basis of all human life.   Therefore, nature has given us a massive load of rewards in exchange for our service to its genetic aims.    My observation says that gay relationships, or relationships without children,  trigger essentially the same wiring   so I have no interest in suggesting they are not the same.


Love is love.  Sex is sex, in terms of propulsive motivation. And once you have tangled these strands together, the thought of building a life together inevitably triggers trepidation. You are gambling your finances, genetics, sacred honor, emotional and spiritual welfare…all in a choice based on limited information.  The ONLY way to be sure of making a healthy decision here is to know yourself and love yourself enough to look deeply into your own past, understand your successes and failures, forgive yourself for flaws and simultaneously take a stand that you will LEARN from them and WILL NOT REPEAT them.


Do this, and you can look at another human being in all their flaws and magnificence, see both their strength and vulnerability, and see where the two of you can create a unit stronger than either.


When I was researching GREAT SKY WOMAN, I found a book on the Koisan people of South Africa written by a pair of anthropologists who had lived among them.   In this book was a discussion of their spiritual practices and beliefs, and I found one that was just lovely.  It was the concept of “Num”, which roughly means “one soul looking out through many eyes.”  It was a statement of the unity of human beings, the idea that when you see another person, you are looking at yourself.


My study of spiritual sexuality unearthed a fascinating concept about orgasm, present in several different cultures.  Rephrased slightly, it was that “the intensity of an orgasm is in direct proportion to the amount of ego released at that moment.”  In other words, if you can remember your name, it wasn’t very good sex.


Re-read that. And then…realize that this is speaking of the place just beyond “flow”.   It is the dissolution of the subject-object relationship.  For a writer, it is the place where you sink into the page. Where the reader dissolves into the story. The painter into the painting. The martial artist becomes one with the opponent.   The runner blends with the effort and the environment.  “She’s moved into the danger zone, where the dancer becomes the dance.”  The lover melts into the beloved


All other things being equal (focus and proper craft continuously refined) this capacity is the core of genius.  Every single “master” I’ve ever observed in any field spends as much time in this state as possible, and to an enormous degree, your ability to achieve excellence will depend upon it.


In other words, Love, Faith, and Sex, the very qualities present in most lasting relationships, are the doorway to excellence in ANYTHING.  Loving another human being not only forces you to expand your sense of self (“we” instead of “I”) but philosophically, neurologically, and practically rips apart your illusions of separation from the rest of humanity.  IT IS ONE OF THE MAJOR DOORS TO WISDOM.


Combine this with the notion that our attractions and relationships guide and influence us, that they mirror our essence and reveal our true desires and ambitions…and letting yourself love one other person is so obviously a path to becoming an Awake, Aware, Adult human being that if you remove its biological aspect  from the equation all human life ceases in a single generation.  



  1. Love yourself.  Forgive and understand and discipline yourself with ruthless affection.
  2. Love another.   Strive to open your heart, and be worthy of the partner of your dreams, seeing your own humanity in them.


Do just these two things, and you have the foundation for all else.




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