Friday is “Success” Day!


Friday is “SUCCESS” day.


For every possible reason, from your own happiness to your ability to provide for your family to your ability to be a resource for your community.  Every time I lecture at a school, talk to young people, the question blazing from their eyes is: if I pay attention to you, will I have a better chance of happiness in life?


That’s it.  To that end they ask if what I’m saying is true, useful, efficient, effective, applicable.   But the “will I have a better chance” is critical.   And that means that you have the best chance of reaching them if YOU are happy, healthy, loving, dynamic, passionate.


So a few thoughts:

  1. How do you define success?  Define it so that if you got it, you would be blissful.  I would suggest goals in all four major arenas: health, wealth, career expression, and love.
  2. What are you prepared to GIVE to the world in exchange for the success you desire?  There is no such thing as something for nothing.   There is a price for everything you want, and that price is always paid IN ADVANCE.
  3. How many people, bottom line, do you need in your Mastermind to accomplish this?  Just yourself? (Doubtful).   One other person (possible).  3-4 people?  (Probable).  What will you offer them to access their wisdom, resources, talents?  


Whether just for yourself, or for the good of the world, SUCCEED, with honor and integrity, according to the values and standards you hold dear. With harm to none and respect to all is best…but remember that there are

         4)   a very few Smiling Monsters, people who literally feel pain if you succeed. Who will pretend to be friends and allies and sabotage your efforts.   Snakes just bite you, but they look like snakes and are easy to recognize. It is the Smiling Monsters who must be avoided more carefully.


Run with these thoughts.  What is true about you, and the world, if these things are valid?




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